Cura's Stagecoach Adventure

All About Stagecoaches

All about Stagecoaches

History of Stagecoaches

The first description of a stagecoach is in an English manuscript in the 13th century. A stagecoach is a type of covered wagon used to carry passengers and goods inside. Usually drawn by 4 horses or mules and were used a lot before the railway transportation was invented. The originated in England and the average speed is 5 mph and made of steel and iron. Stagecoach traveling was very difficult and dangerous to transport different places.


  • A new way of transportation
  • By having your own stagecoach transportation business you made money
  • Faster than walking
  • Don't have to carry all of your goods
  • Don't have to share the space with another family
  • You can stop it whenever you want


  • Costs a lot of money
  • Heavy
  • Difficult
  • Dangerous
  • Slower than a train
  • Not as comfortable as a train
  • Bounces


  • Abbot Downing Company invented the stagecoach

How did it impact North Dakota

  • It made a big impact to North Dakota but not just North Dakotans it impacted everyone in the world. It made everything easier for people to travel and get around. People used them in their everyday life and it benefited everyone in their everyday life, like carry their items, transportation, transacting business and for delivering mail/messages.

Importance to Settling the West

  • Stagecoaches helped people settle into the west. They were built before trains therefore they were the fastest transportation back then. Also it carried a lot of things that you were taking with you when traveling to the west. It helped during any hardships in traveling west. Easier to transport goods and items especially people.
"The Making of a Stagecoach Photo Shoot: Building the Coach"