News From Mrs. Blaney

April - June, 2019

The End of a School Year

School officially ended on June 6, and it's pretty quiet around here, with the exception of the construction noises.This is an apt quote for teachers from Justin Minkel's blog post, 'We've Said Goodbye to This Year's Students. Now It’s Time to Take Care of Ourselves':

'"It’s a few minutes past 3 p.m. on that last day of school, when all the kids are suddenly gone, and the silence is deafening. No more shouts, no scrape of chair legs, no relentless grinding as the pencil sharpener gnaws painted wood to the nub.

There’s a deeper kind of silence, too: a momentary vanishing of our purpose. Who are we now, without those children who depended on us all year to create the conditions they needed to become stronger thinkers and better people?

Who is a teacher with no one to teach?"

I'm hoping our teachers are starting to take care of themselves this week!

Blog post found here.

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Construction is Underway

The speech office is shrinking to create space for a new hallway and entrance to campus. Once our campus is gated, parents and other visitors will find a single point of entry if they need to access campus to volunteer. You'll need to enter the office, as usual, and sign in. However, instead of exiting the same door to access the campus, the new entry will be through a hallway and out a new door to access the campus inside the fence.

Another area under construction is our playground. We are getting all new asphalt and soft surfaces as well as new play equipment. The old asphalt is being ground down to the core, and every surface will be graded and evened out before the new school year starts.

The last area getting a facelift is our library. This is thanks to the LCE PTA. The library will be getting new carpeting, shelves, and paint. We've had some great help from scouts who have emptied all the shelves so that the books can be moved out while everything else gets done.

Learning Continued After Open House

While there was much to be celebrated at Open House on May 21, students continued to learn after they pulled their work off of the walls. Teachers administered Common Assessments, finished projects, completed textbooks, and fit in some STEAM activities.
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Screen Time vs. Play Time

We are so appreciative of the learning programs that we are provided with here at school. Platforms such as Dreambox Math, Prodigy, Google Apps for Education, and RAZ Kids target academic needs. However, we also recognize the importance of learning without screens and learning through unstructured time, like recess.

30 units of blood were donated on April 18, including that from the veins of Mrs. Balane and Mrs. Gilmour, in honor of Mrs. Kay Bahrami, LCE Librarian

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Resources for Parents:

Book Choice

This month, I'd like to recommend a book that I may have recommended in the past. It's called Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in our All-About-Me World by Dr. Michele Borba. How can we help our kids gain the empathy they will need to better understand each other? I hope you can add this one to your summer reading list. I've added a short video from the author, as well.

Upcoming Events:

ALF Summer School

Monday, June 24th, 8am to Friday, July 19th, 12pm

471 Knight Way

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

First Day of School

Thursday, Aug. 15th, 8am

4540 Encinas Drive

La Cañada Flintridge, CA