moon phases and tides

by karther gatlin and Seth Wilkinson and bryson homan


There are high tides, low tides and medium tides. They are caused by gravity from the moon. You have to know what time tides come out to go surffing fishing and boating at the right time .There are two high tides and two low tides each day. A spring tide is when the moon and sun line up and that makes a huge tide.A neap tide is when the moon is at the first quarter moon or third quarter moon and the moon, sun and earth make a right angle.

Moon Phases

The first moon is a new moon.It is when you see no part of the moon.The next moon is a crescent.It is less than a half moon. Next is half moon when 1/2 of the moon is light up.Then there is a three qourter moon(gibbous).It is less than a full moon, more than a half moon. last there is a full moon.It is when the moon is light up all the way.

How the moon and tides are related.

The tides are related by the gravitational pull and by the position of the moon,sun and earth. The tides are also related because they both go throw a pattern.

The Routation of the Moon and Earth

The moon changes phases because of the routation around the earth.The tides change because of the moon going around the earth.When this happens it goes in a pattern by spining like the moon going around the earth only some light hits the moon then more hits the moon then it goes in a pattern.

Life With Out The Moon

The waters will be calm so you will not be able to go surfing because the moon makes tides go down and up.It will also be relly dark because no light will be reflecting off the moon.