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November 6, 2020 - Volume 42, Issue 13

Clemens Crossing Elementary School

We're Here to Help You!

Edward Cosentino, Principal

Sonia Hurd, Assistant Principal

Stacey Wells, Principal's Secretary

Jennifer Aballo, Teachers' Secretary

Dulce Boyer, Teachers' Secretary

Important Upcoming Dates and Events

For a complete list of dates and events visit


  • 6 - Professional Work Day: School ends 3-hours early at 12:45 p.m. There will be a modified schedule. The day is designated as a YELLOW day.
  • 11 - PTA Meeting, 7:00 p.m. - Use your child's computer and login. CODE: cces-pta
  • 13 - Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling Opens
  • 16 - 1st Quarter Report Cards Issued
  • 20 - Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling Closes
  • 23 - Professional Work Day for Parent/Teacher Conferences: School ends 3-hours early at
    12:45 p.m. There will be a modified schedule. The day is designated as a YELLOW day.
  • 24 - Professional Work Day for Parent/Teacher Conferences: School ends 3-hours early at
    12:45 p.m. There will be a modified schedule. The day is designated as a YELLOW day.


Today marks the end of the First Quarter of this school year. We have come a very long way this quarter as students learn and teachers teach remotely. Although it has been challenging, we see so many students meeting, progressing, and being successful.

As the quarter comes to a close, teachers will be working on grades and report cards today. We are using traditional grades this quarter unlike the amended pass/incomplete grades from the spring. Please be sure students complete all assignments so teachers can assign grades that students earn. Due to the negative impacts of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and transition to virtual learning, the Howard County Public School System has made some changes to 1st quarter grading that you may see reflected on your child’s report card.

Students in primary grades will earn an I (Independent) or W (With assistance) if they have engaged in synchronous instruction. Students in intermediate grades will receive A, B, or C grades if they have engaged in synchronous instruction. As a result, Canvas grades may not align with quarter 1 report card grades.

These changes are in place for the first marking period report card grade only. Asynchronous assignments complement and support synchronous learning. Please support your child with task completion and with attending support sessions as needed.

Monday is the beginning of our second quarter. Please continue to reach out to your teacher, Mrs. Hurd, Mrs. Rogers, or me if you need any help accessing instruction and resources.
We are here to help students learn and grow.

Mr. Cosentino


Half Day Schedule on Friday, November 6

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CCES Book Fair

The Book Fair is coming! For our annual Book Fair this year, we will be teaming up with Follett Books to offer an eFair to earn books for the Clemens Crossing Media Center! The book fair will run online from Friday, November 13th through Monday, November 30th. The books will ship to the school and once they arrive (in December), there will be a drive-thru contactless pickup for books (or you can arrange to pick them up from a local home if the scheduled pickup is not convenient for you). There will also be the opportunity to purchase books to gift directly to Clemens Crossing teachers. You can review a preview flyer here:

Please look out for more information next week about ordering and donating books to your child’s classroom. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Allie McDonald at

Residency Reminder

  • Even though we are currently operating in a virtual learning environment, we still follow the HCPSS residency policy outlined in Policy 9000. If your residency changes, please call or email our front office staff.
  • Fourth Pandemic Games

    This week we held our fourth Pandemic Game for the staff and gave away 9 items donated by our families: 3 rechargeable desk lamps, 3 sets of handmade cards, and 3 paper quillings. The 9 winners are: Jessi Schrumm, Nicole Lyerly, Laura Register, Katie Hodge, Melissa Birdsong, Theresa Webster, Kate Chandler, Diane Cohen, and Angie Haube!

    Thank you to all the staff that participated and all the families that have donated items! The Pandemic Games will continue for the staff until the end of first semester, so we will continue to collect donations through the end of January. For questions or donations, email Rachael Kelly and Raghavi Patel

    CCES Virtual Community Outreach

    We are looking forward to our second Virtual Community Outreach Meeting next week.
    Our meeting will take place Monday, November 9th at 4:30 p.m. We will discuss how to access Canvas assignments and grades.
    To join the session, use the Google Meet Code: cces-community. Please use your child's Chromebook to log in. All are welcome!

    PTA Meeting

    Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 7pm

    This is an online event.

    Use your child's Chromebook and use Google Meet Code cces-pta.


    Parent Permission Needed for Google Play

    In an effort to continue expanding our authorized set of digital tools for virtual instruction, HCPSS has curated a new set of supplemental digital tools that are available only through Google’s menu of additional services. These supplemental digital tools are approved by HCPSS and comply with federal, state, and Howard County Board of Education student data privacy policies. Due to Google’s settings, students must access this set of tools by utilizing Google’s menu of additional services, which requires consent by a parent or guardian.

    To provide consent:

    1. Log in to HCPSS Connect.

    2. Select More Options from the left panel.

    3. Select HCPSS Google Menu from the middle of the page.

    4. Click the check box to provide consent. Changes are saved automatically.

    A parent or guardian must provide consent for each student by selecting the student’s name at the top of the page.

    The digital tools currently included are: Book Room, Word Work, Scratch BluBot, Scratch JR, Sketch-Up, Collector Classic, JamBoard, Google Earth and Minecraft: Education. After a parent/guardian provides consent, students using a HCPSS Chromebook can access the tools through the Google Play Store icon on the Chromebook when logged in with an HCPSS account. There may be a delay of up to three days before the apps appear in the Google menu and some tools may automatically appear on the Chromebook once consent is provided by a parent or guardian without the need to install them. If your child has not been issued a Chromebook, please make the request following the information found online.

    Please note:

    • HCPSS cannot guarantee that apps are available on devices other than HCPSS Chromebooks.

    • Teachers may or may not choose to use any or all of these apps during instruction. Students will be notified when a particular app will be used for instruction.

    • If you do not provide consent for your student’s access to these digital tools, your student’s teacher will provide alternative enrichment activities.

    • In addition to these Google tools, HCPSS has approved a robust set of supplemental digital tools. Your child’s teacher will notify you of the particular supplemental digital tools being used in each class via email or on their Canvas course page.

    For more information, please contact Mrs. Gelianas, Technology Teacher, or Mrs. Marshall, Media Specialist.


    Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November 23, 24, and 25.

    Conferences will be with Homeroom teachers and will focus on Language Arts.
    To schedule conferences, you will need to login to HCPSS Connect.

    HCPSS Connect will be open for all schools to schedule conferences starting Friday, November 13. Please take the time to schedule your conference while the conference scheduling window is open. It is very difficult to accommodate last-minute appointments once the scheduling window closes.

    The directions for parent conference registration linked here from the HCPSS website.
    You can also download the directions from the icon below.

    If you have any questions, please call the front office at 410-313-6866.

    Please note: This is the first of two conference periods for the school year.
    There will be conferences following the end of the Second Quarter in February. The focus of those conferences will be Math where you will be able to meet with your child's Math teacher.

    School Meals and Support

    Did you know we have school meals at Clemens Crossing and any school (except BMMS and HaHS)? Meals consist of Grab-and-Go breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks served Monday through Friday from 8–9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.–12:45 p.m.

    Meals will be provided at no cost for any HCPSS student and all children 18 and under, throughout the 2020-21 school year.

    Anytime you go in the morning or afternoon distribution times you can pick up breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day (without preordering). Parents don't need to have their children with them and children don't need their parents with them.

    Full details on HCPSS meal offerings can be found online.

    If you are unable to pick-up pre-ordered food on Mondays and Thursdays, please reach out to Mr. Cosentino and/or Mrs. Hurd. We can help by delivering pre-ordered food.

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    Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Information

    At this time, The Cognitive Abilities Test, referred to as CogAT, will not be administered virtually for students in Grades Three and Five. As plans are finalized for the Second Semester, the HCPSS assessment office will continue to explore options for the administration. The Gifted and Talented Office will provide additional guidance on placement processes as part of overall articulation later in the school year.

    PTA Survey

    In this brave new world of virtual school, we're trying to come up with new ways to engage with our school community.

    Please help us out by taking a brief survey on your interest and preferences for virtual activities:

    Reminder: Google Meet Expectations for Students and Parents/Guardians

    To maintain a positive, productive learning environment and assure confidentiality for students and teachers during virtual learning, students and parents/guardians are asked to continue following the guidelines and expectations detailed on the HCPSS and SJLES websites. Again, thank you for your partnership as we navigate this new virtual instructional model.

    Stakeholder Input on Spring Semester Instructional Model

    Parents/guardians, students, staff, and other stakeholders may provide input and feedback to the Board of Education regarding the Spring Semester instructional model by emailing The Board will review all emails; however, due to the anticipated volume, individual responses should not be expected.

    Blessings in a Backpack

    Did you know we have a NEW Blessings in a Backpack Program at Clemens Crossing Elementary School? Blessings in a Backpack sends additional food resources home to students on the weekend. During a traditional school year, bags are discreetly put in a student's backpack on Friday afternoons.

    Our NEW Blessings in a Backpack Program is entirely funded by PTA donations, individual donations, and community-based donations such as our recent donation from our new business partner, T-Mobile. This is not funded by HCPSS.

    If you are interested in receiving Blessings in a Backpack, you must click the registration link below. Volunteers will deliver those items to your home.

    Tech Tip

    Holiday Help

    We frequently receive donations and opportunities to help families in need during the Thanksgiving and winter holiday time. If you would like to request assistance for your immediate family, please contact our school counselor, Mrs. Rogers. We cannot make any guarantees, but we will do our best to utilize resources in a way that best supports our families.

    Limited 2019-20 Class Photos /Yearbooks Available for Purchase

    Are you interested in purchasing a class photo or yearbook from last school year?
    We have a limited number of extra copies here at the school for sale. This sale will be on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact Stacey Wells at if you are interested.

    Please note the following:

    • Yearbooks are $20 each (cash or payable to CCES PTA)
    • Class Photos are $10 each (cash or payable to Clemens Crossing ES)
    • Cash or checks are accepted
    • Checks should be written out to Clemens Crossing PTA for yearbooks and Clemens Crossing ES for class photos
    • Parents will need to bring payment to the school when picking up order
    • Call the front office at 410-313-6866 and a staff member will come out to meet you
    • Collected payments given to PTA/Strawbridge Rep when sales are completed

    As always, thank you all for supporting Clemens Crossing and our PTA.

    CCES Front Office Staff

    Book Check-out

    The Clemens Crossing Library Media Center is now open for students to check out books! Please discuss this with your student if you would like to take advantage of this service.

    Check your student's Library Media course to learn how to place holds on books.
    Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Seamonson will locate those books and sign them out to the students. Labeled books are available for pickup outside the school's front doors between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. each school day.

    Students may borrow 1, 2, or 3 books at a time.

    There is a labeled book return bin outside the school's front doors for book returns.
    Please return books within two weeks. There are no late fees.

    Returned books are quarantined for a week before returning to circulation.

    Books that were borrowed in the spring may also be returned to the bin outside the front doors. Reminder notes will be emailed home soon.

    Please email Mrs. Marshall with any questions and please be patient as we work out these new ways of putting books into students' hands.

    Read every day!

    Join the PTA – Family Membership

    PTA Membership will allow you to be active with the PTA and enjoy discounts with Maryland PTA partners. Most of all, your membership dues support the many programs we offer to the CCES community. While we encourage all of our families to be involved with PTA, membership does not obligate you to volunteer your time.

    After trying many fundraisers over the years, the CCES PTA’s major fundraiser is a direct donation program (and later in the fall, a Read-a-thon). Rather than sell wrapping paper or other merchandise, we ask each family to contribute $50 in addition to their membership dues to support the programs we sponsor throughout the year.

    To join the Clemens Crossing PTA, please fill out the form below and pay the membership dues (plus any donation you choose to give) through the PayPal link that follows. If you prefer to pay by check, please contact our membership chair, c/o
    To report a problem with this form, contact

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    Community News and Programs

    Please find the link to the Howard County Public School System's Community News and Programs page.

    In alignment with Howard County Board of Education Policy 10010, Distribution and Display of Materials and Announcements, the following announcements have been approved by the Public Information Office for distribution. Please visit Distributing Community Information through the School System or contact the Public Information Office at 410-313-6682 if you have any questions.

    The below community notices are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Howard County Public School System.