Howe's Happenings Week 22 2015-2015

German and Reading Acceleration at LOHS

What did we do last week?

I hope you are enjoying the long weekend with your families! Read on for a recap of last week and to find out what we'll be doing this week!

Last week, Reading Acceleration became more familiar with text structures, learned about types of questioning, and began applying strategies to a book about pizza. This week, we will continue our independent reading, map our class text, and begin looking at the branches of democracy.

Last week, German 1 students practiced introductory role plays, took their Unit 1 test, and began learning about the states of Germany. This week, we will begin learning how to describe our family members.

Last week, German 2 students continued to design and describe their dream homes. We had our Unit 1 test on Thursday. This week, students will record descriptions of their dream homes on Wednesday, and then we will transition to a short unit on German holidays.

Generally, by the time I send this newsletter out on Sunday evenings, grades are current. I'm still working on last week's tests, though. Tests will be returned on Wednesday and in PowerSchool as soon as possible!

A Note on Assessments

Each German unit lasts about three weeks and culminates with a Unit Test. Students receive a study guide for the test and the exact date of the test one week prior to the tests. Study guides are also available on Moodle at the beginning of the unit.

Reading Acceleration units vary based on the complexity of the text and connections to texts in other courses the students are taking. Assessments in Reading Acceleration are always open book and open note.

In addition to in-class announcements, lesson plans are posted online (see link in contact section), and students can stay informed of major due dates by subscribing to our class Remind texts. To join remind, text your/your child's class code to 81010. The German 1 code is @lohsdt1. The German 2 code is @lohsdt2.

Term 3 Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, March 1st, 4-8pm

495 East Scripps Road


Third Term Parent Teacher Conferences take place in the Commons and the Auxiliary Gym. Please stop by if you would like to discuss your child's progress. I look forward to seeing you!