Moving Table

By: Reese Pollok & Dhruv Patel

Why we wanted to make a moving table

We wanted to make a moving table, because don't you sometimes not want to get up and you are hungry. That can change now, a moving table you can control with an remote to control where it is going by having a backward, forward and left, and right.
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Storage Box

You can set the food on top of the table part.
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Remote Control Car

The remote control car moves the table with an remote. The remote has levers to go forward, backwards,right, and left.

Advantages of the moving table

-It can drive pretty fast

-Run for a long period of time

Disadvantages of the moving table

-Takes 9 batteries

The Cost

The cost of the moving table would be about $70

It would be about a $100 because The car was about $25

And the table was about $25