Google Searching/ Google Docs

By: Samantha Martin

What you should make sure to not do online..

You should always make sure that you don't look up anytime that is inappropriate. Make sure that you understand that what you put online can never come off! You should always know that grandma rule, the grandma rule means that don't put something online if you don't want your grandma to see.

When you make a account on the internet..

When you make a account on the internet you should always make sure that the password is non guess able! When you are on the account and you get a friend request and you don't know them, you should never accept it. If you know the person and think they are good and then you could accept it, but if you accept a friend request and don't know them then you shouldn't accept it, because they could find out information about were you live and other stuff like that!

Internet Safty

Find the good stuff (and avoid the not-so-good stuff)

Explain how to recognize adds
Make sure you know the responsibility behavior online

Encourage digital citizenship

When there are those's adds that say want a million dollars never fall into them because they are just virus.

Google Docs..

On Google Docs you can send e-mails, make documents, on documents you have 8 choices to choose form: Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, Drawing, Folder, and Script. On the top there are 10 things to choose from also: +You, Search, Images, Mail, Drive, Calender, Sites, Groups, Contacts, More..