5B Newsletter

November 27-December 1

In reading, we are reading the story "Iditarod Dream" out of our Harcourt book. We are discussing the IIditarod and the Jr. Iditarod and making connections to the story "Woodsong" which we also just read from our Harcourt series. In guided reading we are reading about the Locust attack on the pioneers in the 1870's in our guided reading group. Also, in guided reading students are reading an article on NewsELA about the movie "Wonder". Students are doing a great job!

In fifth grade math, students are continuing to work on division. We are now looking at division with decimals. The students are continuing to amaze me with how well they are doing with the division. We will be having a quiz on Friday and testing by the end of next week.

In accelerated math, students are working on coordinate grids and graphing inequalities.

In writing, students are finishing drafting their hero essays. I can't wait for you to read these...they are turning out great. We will be starting to type and edit our papers by the end of this week and hope to have them completely finished by mid to end of next week.

In word study, this week students were given 11 prefixes to study and the meanings of the prefixes. We also have been identifying words we find in text that have these prefixes. Please have your child study these meanings because our test this week will look a little different.

We have switched back to science again. This unit is on digestion. We are starting by discussing dental health since that is where digestion begins. We will be doing this unit until we leave for winter break.

Looking forward to the next four weeks before winter break and all the great learning and activities that will occur!