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May 6, 2016

6th Grade Advanced Math

This week the students worked on finding the area and surface area of complex polygons. The students were also introduced on how to find the circumference and area of a circle. Next week the students will work on finding the volume of 3D shapes, and will also continue their work on their Real World Experience project.

3rd/4th Differentiated Engagement Block (DEB)

The students have been exploring coral reefs by watching videos, reading and comparing articles about coral reefs, and researching ways to save the coral reefs. Next week the students will grow their own coral reef! The students will also be working on researching an endangered marine animal and problem solving how to save the endangered animal. The students will present their findings to the class.

5th/6th Differentiated Engagement Block (DEB)

The students completed their Phineas Gage task rotation today, and shared their work with their peers. Next week the students will reflect on the time period of the Gilded Age and what they learned. They will also be introduced to several events during the Civil Rights time period. The students will be choosing a specific event to become an expert in, and create a children's book on the event.

Other Information

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