Lyon News, 2.5.16

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Caring Counselors!

Shout out to our amazing counselors! We love you Jennifer and Michelle. Thanks for loving on the Lyon staff this past week. The college bulletin board is awesome and the snacks were great too!

Valentine Celebration

Feel free to host a small valentine celebration in your classrooms on Friday. Please let the office know if you will expecting parents in your classrooms on the 12th. A good reminder to parents might be that no glass or balloons will be allowed on the bus in case they are having items delivered.

Upcoming Events


8th-19th: Acuity, 3rd-5th

9th: Intruder Drill/Internal Lockdown

10th: SIS grading window closes

11th: Leadership Team Meeting, 3:45

12th: MOY writing benchmark entered into SIS

12th: PDP updated

12th: Progress Reports go home

12th: Duct tape event, more information to come

15th-17th: Casey will be attending a Leader In Me conference in KC

15th: School is IN session

16th: Papa John's Pizza Night

16th/17th: Faculty Meeting

PTO needs our help!

I ask a HUGE favor! We are in the rebuilding process of Lyon PTO and are in dire need of strong, organized, caring, involved parents. I am asking you to send a quick email to 2 parents in your classroom that might make good board members for our PTO. I will send you a sample that you can cut and paste, just adding in specific details. We need them to come to our February 22nd meeting. This will be our Spring planning meeting and we need help with the Spring parties and carnival.