Kristin's Bags and Bins

January 2016. Lets get organized in style at 60% off!

January Customer special

Welcome to the new year! Time to organize your life. Thirty-one has a solution for every space in your home. Laundry room. Pantry, family room. Kids spaces! Think pottery barn style at Target prices! The monthly special is so fantastic in January! Spend $35 and choose up to 3 your way cubes in 3 different sizes 51st 60% off retail. Think of all the options. As always stopping is available online and I can be reached for customer assistance at 608-487-6553 or

You. A pink box and a sisterhood to help you reach your dreams!

What's the last thing you bought for $99? Did it have the potential to change your life? When I decided to purchase the kit. I only wanted the kit....I was a kitnapper. I had no intention of ever selling anything. Its amazing how a little pink box, some determination and a goal can change a person's situation. I would love to share my story with you anytime. If you think you want to earn some extra cash. Pay off that credit card. Pay for dance lessons or pay off that car...what ever is your goal. Thirty-one can help you get there.
January Customer Video 2015 US HD