Teaching To Go Above And Beyond

By: Ellie S

My Hero

My hero. Compassionate, empathetic, caring, supportive, loving, funny, awesome, chill. What other words can I use to describe my Aunt Cindy? There is an endless amount of words that I can use for her. I have chosen her to be my hero because she teaches me important life skills and how to be a better person. Below is a picture of Aunt Cindy and me. Last summer the whole family went on a trip to Michigan and we all had a blast. She is such an important part in my life and if I didn't have her, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Writing and making this dedication page will never be enough to show my gratitude and how thankful I am of her. So, thank you Aunt Cindy for being a great person and being my hero.
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Here is the audio of the interview with my hero, Aunt Cindy

What Is a True Hero?

Webster Dictionary states, “A hero is someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” When the word hero comes up, Superman, Batman or the Incredibles are what normally comes to mind. Typical images of a hero would be someone holding a door open for others, giving an umbrella to someone who doesn't have one, or volunteering at a soup kitchen for those in need. A hero is someone that influences multiple lives in a positive way and gives others self esteem, courage, and bravery.

A hero is a firefighter helping a little kid that is home alone. Heroes do tasks out of the goodness of their heart. Whether it be life or death situation or getting through simple conflicts in life. Imagine someone who you care about. Mom, dad, brother, sister. Now picture them needing something, that could be help with homework, assistance with everyday tasks, or to save their life. What if you weren't there to help them? No need to fear, their hero will be there. Heroes can help many people. Whether that's a person that they know personally, or superstar, they make a big and small impact on others lives.

A hero is an aunt giving life advice to her niece and helping her with homework. Stacy is junior and she needs help with her physics homework. She was absent that day because she had to go to the orthodontist to get her braces removed. But thankfully her aunt is a physics teacher. So Stacy can lean on her aunt for the help she so desperately needs and her aunt helps her through it. Her aunt helped her without thinking about it. She dropped what she was doing because Stacy’s needs came first. A hero does tasks for others out of the goodness of their heart. Stacy can count on her aunt for other help because she is Stacy’s hero.

A hero goes above and beyond. Aunt Cindy is my hero because when I need help, advice and a shoulder to cry on, she will be there no matter what. She influences the better half of me and I am grateful for that. Imagine those sad and depressing commercials for dog shelters. When I am feeling sad and/or desperate for good advice, I look up to her for her help that is much needed. Just like the dogs, looking up to others for their care, compassion and generous donations. Everyone has a hero at one point in their life. Whether that be a poster hanging up on their wall, a celebrity crush, boss, mom, dad, these people in our lives are very meaningful and add character to ourselves.

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This essay was written about Temple Grandin

Why did I choose this topic?

I chose to make a video on how to use sign language because this is one topic that I’ve always wanted to look into and because my hero, Aunt Cindy, is a 4th grade special ed teacher. When she first started to teach, she had a couple students who had a harder time at communicating, so she used ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate with them. I think that it is so great to learn how to sign because you never know when you will need to use sign language. Even if you have a friend, boss, or family member who is deaf or isn't able to talk, sign language is a very useful skill and can help many. I am interested in ASL because it's another way to communicate. I love to help others and when I learn ASL completyely, I hope I can use those skills in the future to help others.
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"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. " ˜Christopher Reeve