Friday Review

Friday, January 5, 2018

Thoughts from Mrs. Lewis....

  • Tuesday is a A Day.
  • Teachers should be entering their own absences in AESOP. The school bookkeeper or no other staff should be putting in absences for anyone unless there is an emergency that arises.
  • Sunshine Dues - If you haven't paid your dues, please see Audrey Kingston, Debbie Mears or Ruth Ann Harris. We want to continue to deliver to our staff in times of need and celebration.
  • MTSS- Are you utilizing? Do you have students with chronic behaviors and/or struggling with academics? Please ensure you are using this process to assist students.
  • Our Magnet Program is under construction. We are slowly revamping our program to better meet the needs of our students and also to be able to offer a better choice to our potential Magnet students. Classes will now include more PBLs and an arts component a couple of times a week. (Beginning the end of January).
  • Have you given a shout out to a co-worker? If not, please place your shout out on the board in the mailroom.
  • Feel free to visit the library, there have been some changes slowly converting to a maker space. Magnet students will first begin to use the space as an initiative to revamp our program, but all classes are welcome to utilize, if needed. A Maker Space is a place where students can work on projects, have access to technology and/or materials to be creative and innovative!

  • Student Support Meeting (Cancelled this week due to benchmarks.)

  • Teachers, please look at your grades for the 2nd Nine Weeks. Do you have a lot of student failures? Are you giving students opportunities to retake tests, as written in the district policy? Large number of failures may indicate we need to reflect. This should be corrected for 2nd Nine Weeks.

  • SIT Meeting Agenda Items: There will be a SIT Meeting on the January 16. Please give agenda items to your SIT REP.

  • Core Teachers: Please make sure you share past benchmark performance with students and have them make goals for the upcoming benchmark. Mark your calendars...January 24 Benchmark Reward. Please announce to students.

  • REMINDER: Magnet Teachers - There will be a Magnet Showcase on January 30th at 6:30pm. Each teacher should have at least 2 PBLs to Showcase. Embedded technology would be a plus.

  • REMINDER: SIT reps have already shared information about our Spartan Time Tutoring Plan that will take place at the end of January. Grade level chairs/ SIT chairs/Spartan Time Tutoring Committee, please share with your grade level and be sure to share any concerns. A weekly schedule for each grade level complete with days, subjects and teachers should be submitted by Thursday, January 11th by Grade Level Chairs. It was suggested, IREADY would be used for tutoring material.

What's New?

  • Notice of the Indian Education Parent Committee meeting on Thursday, January 11 were placed in your boxes today. Please ensure that the students receive them as soon as they return to school.
  • Calendar Change: January Faculty Meeting changed from 1/2/17 to 1/9/17.
  • IMPORTANT- Classroom and EC Teachers...There will be EVAAS training at our upcoming Instructional Planning Days (January 25/26). Please ensure you know your username and password before then. Go to to login. If you need access, let Mrs. Lewis know ASAP.
  • We are getting a lot of new enrollments. If students need to be added to PBIS Rewards and need a badge, please email Ms. Brayboy. Thank you!
  • Don't forget! All Certified Staff- Public School Works courses are DUE January 31. These are REQUIRED!

Shout Outs

  • Congrats to the FBLA Club and Mr. Odom for making Spirits Bright over the Holiday Season. Many of you may have contributed items for Scotia Village. From what I hear, it was a touching experience for both our students and the residents of Scotia!
  • Carrie Laws does a phenomenal job keeping our EC behavior students in check! Thank you for going the extra mile!
  • A BIG HUGE SHOUT OUT to our office staff for creating a welcoming environment for our parents/visitors/staff. Thank you for all you do!!!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Debbie and Ms. Brayboy for getting our new year going with shedding pounds and feeling healthy!
  • Thank you to Mr. Dunham, Ms. Brayboy, Mr. Hersey and THE VOICE judges for a fantastic PBIS semi-event before Christmas!
  • Thank you to Kurt Oswald, Andrew Wedlock, Melony Gore, Tonia Emanuel and Michelle Williams for helping out during Mr. Cain's absence with ISS.

2018 Spartan Health Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? Will you let health be a priority in 2018? Join us in the Spartan Health Challenge. This challenge has two components… you can pick one, or both. Here’s how each will work:

  1. Biggest Loser
    • Weigh in with Nurse Mears before Friday, January 12 at 3:00pm. The final weigh in and winner will be announced on Friday, May 18.
    • Nurse Mears will track your weight on an index card and maintain your confidentiality at all times. To keep yourself on track, you can weigh in weekly or monthly… whatever works best for you.
    • Weight loss will be scored based on the percentage of body weight lost, rather than the number of pounds lost.
    • Registration for this portion of the challenge is $5.00. The biggest loser in the end will win all of the registration money.

  2. Run/Walk Challenge
    • Register to run or walk in Spring Hill’s annual 5K event on Saturday, May 19 (formerly known as “Spartans Run for Kicks,” this year will be a joint effort between Spring Hill and Carver to benefit the cross country teams). View the flyer to determine which events you will participate in, and therefore, your registration amount:
    • Pay Nurse Mears to participate in the event.
    • Set a run/walk goal for your training for the event on May 19. For example, if you begin training for the 5K on January 2 and want to run 3 miles per week for 20 weeks, your training goal will be 60 miles. Send your goal to Shannon Brayboy by Friday, January 5.*
    • A chart for all participants with their individual training goals will be posted in the Teacher’s Lounge. You will track your individual weekly goals on the chart so everyone can root you on toward your goal.
    • Once it gets warm, we may have a few afternoon run/walks after school to prep for the 5K. We will all run/walk together in unity at the May 19 event in support of our health and our cross country team.

*Participants in the run/walk challenge can join the challenge at any time before May 19. We will begin our initial challenge setting the first week of January.

We hope you will join us as we support each other on our individual health journeys! 2018 here we come!

General Reminders

  • Technology Information concerning student usage of Youtube and Go Guardian,

  • Students experiencing issues with Google Login?

  • TEACHER MOVEMENT: Please be reminded that at no time should we be sitting while instructing or while students are working independently. It is vital that we are up monitoring students and using all opportunities to assist them while working. Thanks!
  • Failing Rates - Please be mindful of the percentage of students that are failing your class. Are students allowed to retake quizzes/tests they have failed? Does your instruction match the learning styles of the majority of your students?

  • ***IT is an expectation that planning takes place each week and that all teachers are present and all time. Even if you are 2 weeks ahead, planning should take place each week for the entire time.

  • We are currently looking at a tutoring model that takes place during the day with our own teachers. We have a committee that is looking at details and coming up with a plan. This will begin 2nd semester. Stay tuned.

  • Learning Focused Coaching Tips: Vocabulary Displays - without words students will not be able to read or write about content. Every grade level should have a content Word Wall. Focus on what words need the most instruction or support. Try suggesting: Breaking words apart using affixes and roots; Color coding important words by concepts so students can write by connecting them; Keep words current (do not keep up words long past the concept); Archive words from earlier concepts in personal vocabulary dictionaries / notebooks

  • The "Frontline Family" spread some good luck in October, on Friday, the 13th. Hope it counteracted any bad luck mojo that was hanging around!! Anyway, we want to challenge the Olympians (Electives) team to spread some love to our staff on January 5th! See if you can start the New Year out on a positive note!!!

  • Faculty and Staff: Please be reminded that will still need your Sunshine Dues ($20). The Sunshine Committee is here to spread "Sunshine" to you or a loved one in time of need.

  • MTSS - How many students do you have on a Tier for behavior and academics?
  • The school and district expectation is that teachers enter grades in PowerSchool on a weekly basis. Parents, guardians, and student use the Parent/Student Portal to check grades and should be able to see their up-to-date progress. Your data manager can print a report for you to monitor this.

  • Are you calling parents??? Make sure you are calling parents regarding attendance concerns (and document such). When we go to court, it helps when we can show ALL the contacts that have been made from the school (not just from PowerSchool letters and Social Worker contacts) (From Cabinet)]

  • COLLABORATIVE PAIRS: Please ensure that you implement collaborative pairs with roles within your lessons. This will be looked for in walkthroughs and observations.

  • What are you doing to be proactive to eliminate behaviors? What are your extra incentives in your class, team or grade level? (Extra TLC, computer time, double scans, pizza party, slushy parties, etc.)

  • A list of grant opportunities is located:

January 2018

Monday, January 8 - Home Basketball Game

Tuesday, January 9- Staff Meeting (Required)

Wednesday, January 10- ELA Benchmarks; Elective Team Meeting to Finalize Changes 1:00

Thursday, January 11- ELA Test over 2 days; ELA Make Ups; Basketball (H)

Friday, January 12- Math Benchmarks

Monday, January 15- Martin Luther King Holiday- No School

Tuesday, January 16- Science Benchmarks; Basketball (H); SIT Meeting

January 17-19- Benchmark Make Ups

Thursday, January 18 - Basketball vs. Ellerbe (A)

Friday, January 19 – End of 2nd Nine Weeks

Saturday, January 20 – All District Band Auditions (Mac Williams Middle School)

Monday, January 22 – Optional Teacher Workday

Wednesday, January 24 – Wrestling @ the Highlands

Thursday, January 25 – Basketball vs. Carver @ Scotland High School (RED OUT – Students wear RED); AR Celebration (Movie); Instructional Planning Day (Core and EC only)

Friday, January 26 – Reports Go Home; Instructional Planning Day (Core and EC only)

Monday, January 29 – Basketball vs. Rockingham (A)

Tuesday, January 30 – AIG Magnet Showcase 6:30pm (Required for Students)

Wednesday, January 31 – Wrestling vs. Carver (H) at SHS; Basketball vs. W. Hoke (H); All Certified Staff - Public School Works DUE (REQUIRED)


Friday, February 2- Doughnuts for Dad; PBIS Event (2nd Nine Weeks)

Items for the Friday Review are due to Ms. Audrey Kingston every Thursday by noon.