This week in EDUC 204

4/20 and looking ahead...

This week..

During this week we investigated component 1A, 4E and 2E. For components 1A and 4E we identified in groups conferences, journals, and organizations that we could join or attend as preservice educators. We also reviewed why the layout and spacing of a classroom is important by reading Debbie Diller's text spaces and places. We explored creating our own dream classrooms using @floorplanner.

Digital portfolio sign ups

If you would like to sign up for a time to meet regarding your digital portfolio during office hour today or Monday please do so - they are on a first come, first served basis. If you meet during office hours today or Monday you do not need to come to class Wednesday.

Looking ahead to next week

During this last full week of class we will be using this time to create our videos using @wevideo or @animoto. We will be working on these projects during class Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    • Freshman / Sophomore - take image from Dr. G’s class and make it a video on your thoughts on teaching metaphor

    • Upper classman - if you have a teaching philosophy make it come to life

Due Monday:

  • Floor planner in 2E rubric and digital portfolio.
  • Component 4A ebook read and activities completed

Due Wednesday & Friday:

  • Keep working on your video
  • Clean up digital portfolio
  • Start thinking about what tool you would do the tech app smackdown on
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