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Freedom of Religion: Crash Course Government and Politics #24

Exhibition Over ... Moving On to Argumentative Writing (November 30th - December 14th 2016)

Can you believe it? We are few weeks away from our Winter break...

But we so much work to do. Many students have demonstrated that they understand the opening routines in our Teacher Supported space. Many students are completing their DAP's ( Daily Action Plans) which helps with goal setting, check-ins and monitoring our progress.

In the coming weeks we will focus on the last 5-7 minutes by resetting the class space, reflecting on what work is or is not getting done and our overall class progress.

We have started a new unit on Religious Freedom and Writing Argumentative Essays. It's best you stay on track in this unit and catch up with other missing work.

Here is what's been going on and what's coming up.

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Awesome Sauce Shout Outs

Awesome Sauce & Kudos to all students who presented their narratives and infographics during exhibition week.

Yaseer (Beyonce's Story) Justin (Terrorism Election Infographic), Neffera (Non Voters Infographic)

Haalah Fashion (Designer's Story) Kadeem( All Votes Matter Infographic) Kayshiem ( Trump vs Hillary & Women Infographic)

Catrina (Realistic Narrative) Peter (Invisible Person Comic points) CJ (Lucifer Son Dramatic Play)

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