6 weeks project

trents project


  • brainstorming
  1. brainstorming is when you are thinking of ideas, i think the best way is to use a grapic organizer.
  • revise/editing
  1. revise/editing is when you already wrote a story or some type of writing, you edit it.
  2. when you revise,you look over the story and try to find mistakes or things you need to change.
  3. when you edit you find the things that were wrong and you fix them to make your story better.
  • point of view
  1. point of view is a particular attitude or way of considering a matter.
  2. or the position from which something or someone is observed.
  • 1st person
  1. is a point of view (who is telling a story) where the story is narrated by one character at a time. This character may be speaking about him or herself or sharing events that he or she is experiencing.
  • 3rd person
  1. third person is pronouns and verb that are used to refer to something other than the speaker or addressee of language in which they occur.
  • types of narratives
  1. science fiction is fiction based on imagined future scientific or technology advantages and major social or environmental changes frequently portraying space or time travel.
  2. mystery is a story,movie and lots of other things that are very hard to understand, mystery story's mostly are based off of murders, people that can not be found and some other crazy things.
  3. fantasy is a faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or importable.
  4. time travel is a theory of traveling into the future or back into time.