Why we should be leaders of C.H.P.S

Vote for us and you won't regret it !!!

Asciyak,Luke and Johnson

We are three ordinary students from 5FB but we have the potential to be extraordinary.

We are boys who can shout real loud to get people's attention so they can get into two lines straight away.

Vote for us you will get lollies everyday.SO VOTE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What is a leadership?

A leadership is someone who know the way around the school, a good role model, a person who is not scared to talk in front of 646 people and a person that has a loud voice.
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Why we want to be a leader.

We want to be a leader because we are good role models, good at helping people and we know the way around the school very well.

About us

  • Johnson is 10, Luke is 11 and asciyak is 11 we are in 5FB
  • We are very short but asiyak is tall although we all like to play sports
  • We are not scared to talk in front of over 600 people

Why should we be leaders of C.H.P.S

We are reliable, trustworthy and kinda sensible.

Also we do not get into trouble........ much.

We are also smart so we don't fall behind in class for mathematics.

This is what a leader is

A leader is a person who is responsible, safe, caring, respectful and helpful
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