Peek at the Week

April 16-20, 2018

Surveys; Teacher and Student

If you have not already completed the teacher survey from the state department, please do so as soon as possible. The window closes at the end of the week. Thank you!

3rd-5th grade teachers,
Please read below regarding a student survey that must be administered in the next two weeks.

....This is the same survey we gave to students for our AdvancED review and, because of accountability, we must give again. The deadline for completing the survey will be May 3.

Like we did earlier, the survey will be pushed out to all 3rd-12th students through Classlink. However, the state has added a layer of security for this survey which will require each student to enter a unique access code. Cards containing each student’s name, access code and other helpful information will be run, sorted and sent to schools by the end of next week. This will give schools over a week to administer the survey.

The Week Ahead

  • 4K Teachers will be screening students all day in the front office area. They will have subs in their classrooms.


  • 4.0 Rubric Training @ 3:00 in Learning Commons for all certified staff


  • No GLP
  • Half-Day Planning for 4th and 2nd (8:00 / 11:20 start times)


  • Half-Day Planning for 5th and 1st (8:00 / 11:20 start times)


  • Half-Day Planning for 3rd and Kinder. (8:00 / 11:20 start times)

Agendas were created for the half-day planning days based on your input. This is your time with your team, so please come prepared with the items needed. Reminder - you will have the opportunity to order lunch.

Please bring the following:

  • laptop
  • planning documents (LRP/ calendars, etc.)
  • Envisions teacher guides (1st and 2nd especially)
  • resources

Looking Ahead...

K-4th grade teachers,

In order to update and have accurate records for each student in the fall, please be prepared to administer the DRA to every student before the end of the year. The window for completing this will be May 1 - June 1. DRAs will go into each child's permanent record, so for now, just keep these in your classrooms. More info to come!

RTI / Retention

Thank you so much for your attention to the RTI process and for updating your data forms and information in Enrich last week. We will continue to monitor student progress and hold RTI team meetings. The next RTI meeting for grade-levels is tentatively set for Thursday, April 26th.

If you have a student that you would like to discuss regarding possible retention, please email to me the name of the student and your concerns. I will place a form (Light's Retention Scale) in your box with a return date to place back in my box. Depending on the results of the scale, we will hold an RTI team meeting to discuss this student, and whether or not to retain. Thank you!

Gardening Grant

Thank you to Brandy McDavid, Melanie Osborn, Ashley Hayes, Megan Brown, Kellie Martin and Megan Maness for their interest in a gardening program at North Pointe. We are one of three schools who will be submitting a grant to have a raised bed garden placed on our property for teachers and students to use. Exciting opportunity!

Talent Show!

This time, for students! :)

Mrs. Locke will soon be holding talent show auditions for third through fifth grade students. Auditions will take place after school the first week of May. This will be a fundraiser event for our music department, so we will sell tickets to adults (under 12 get in free). The Show will take place at 6:00 on Thursday, May 31.

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

At 8:15 on Friday, May 4th, we will have our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast. Mr. Cobbs and Donna will be coordinating this event for us. Please be prepared to work as a grade-level to provide a breakfast dish on this day. More details coming soon!

(Same day as Kindergarten Orientation! Sorry, Kindergarten!)