Technology in the Classroom at BMS

Great ideas from your ITRT - Heidi Overfelt

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Going Google!

I want to thank you all for coming to my first early morning PD this year on how to use Google!

Everyone is at a different level for using Google so I hope you were able to get something out of the presentation.

For those of you who thought I went too fast:

Send me an email... I will be glad to go through the whole process at a slower one-on-one pace. Just include when your planning is and when you would like to meet...

For those of you who want to know more:

There is way too much that Google can do to include it in a 45 minute presentation. If you want Google to do something specific, drop me an email and I will see if I can get it to work for you.

If you want to use Google with your classroom:

Another good reason to send me an email! All 7th and 8th grade students already have Google accounts set up for them. It takes them a bit of time to log in for the first time. Schedule the lab and schedule a time for me to be there and I will be glad to step them through it with you. If you teach 6th grade, you can use Google too. I have a parental permission form. Once the parents return the form, we can set up your accounts too. Just contact me for more info.

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ShouId I really bother? Is this another one of those programs that will be out of fashion next year?

I received this question a lot about a lot of different programs. It is hard for teachers to keep up with all the technology AND teach classes! I realize this. That is why I do what I do.

But Google is here to stay. Bedford County Public Schools has had Google accounts for all the teachers since 2008 and for students since approximately 2011. Believe it or not, it is something ITRTs have been promoting since I started. Regardless of what BCPS does, Google applications are available outside of school to anyone with a Google account. The benefits of sharing documents, storing information and resources will continue to anyone with a Google account.

Bedford Middle School should be proud that they are on the forefront of BCPS in sharing documents and information with their faculty and staff via Google Docs. It makes the process simpler for all of us to find the information we need in order to work together in order to make the school work better for the students.

And thank you to all the BMS teachers for embracing yet another technology for the professional life and in their teaching. I know it is a lot to handle but you always rise to the occasion.

And I will be happy to help you in any way I can. Just send me an email!

How can you get in touch with me?

The best way to get in touch with me is to send me an email.

My email address is :

I am at Bedford Middle School on Monday, Tuesday and every other Wednesday.

I lurk at a desk in the back of the library. Since I am not here half the time, the best way to get in touch is through email. I am constantly checking my email throughout the day, and will try to be in touch when I am back at BMS.