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Maple Grove Middle School: Week of October 12-October 16

In This Issue....

  • Calendar of Weekly Events & Upcoming Dates
  • Picture Retakes
  • Conference Info
  • Shifting Students from a Fixed to Growth Mindset
  • Movie Trivia


  • Tuesday, October 13 - Picture Retakes, Conferences 3:15-8:15 & Get Your Flu Shot from 3-6 PM in the Staff Lounge
  • October 15-16 - No School
  • Wednesday, October 21 - District Professional Development 2:50-3:50 in the Media Center
  • October 26 - Licensed Staff Workshop

Picture Retakes

Picture retakes will be Tuesday, October 13 in the auxiliary gym. Staff, if you didn't get your picture taken your time slot is 7:30. Student's that didn't have their picture taken or need to have a retake for some reason will go to the auxiliary gym when the grade is called.

Conference Info

Conferences are on Tuesday, October 13 from 3:15-8:15. There will be a light meal from Olive Garden in the main conference room for staff working the conferences. Conferences will be in the gyms. 6th grade core teachers, Lisa Hartman and Kaia Paquin will be in gym A, 7th grade core teachers, Chris Mann and Debbie McCormack will be in gym B, 8th grade core teachers, Sara Looby-Morris and Dan Nguyen will be in gym C and elective teachers and EL will be in gyms D & E. Special Education will be located in the Media Center.

Shifting Students from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset

While this article may be written in the context of a math classroom, the strategies can be applied to any content area.

In this article in Education Week, Evie Blad reports on how students’ mindsets can have a direct impact on achievement in mathematics. “A blend of family attitudes, cultural ideas, and frustration often leads students to believe that math ability is a fixed trait like eye color,” she says. The article goes on to offer 3 strategies to use with students to begin nurturing a Growth Mindset.

Trivia Time

What was the name of the first James Bond movie? Hint: It came out in 1962.

Know the answer? Email your response to and you could win a prize!

Last week's answer: In the Harry Potter Movies, Griffyndor's symbol is a Lion. :) If you emailed the correct response, look for a prize in your mailbox on Monday!