Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

April 27,2016

What is going on?

Writing: We will finish the writing process for the persuasive paper for our PBL project by editing, revising, and publishing.

Spelling Words and Grammar: ate,dog, full, happy, know, old, sing

This will be the first week of a two week unit on homophones.

Reading: This week, we will explore folktales to discover the theme hiding inside each one!

Math: We will finish up reviewing and then the 2nd Grade Math Benchmark will take place in the morning on May 2nd and 3rd, so please make sure your child is at school and on time! The remainder of the week will be spent with math games and activities that tie into our animal PBL.

Science: Continuing with our study on animals, students will observe, record, and compare how the physical characteristics and behaviors of animals help them meet their basic needs such as fins help fish move and balance in the water. They will identify factors in the environment, including temperature and precipitation, that affect growth and behavior such as migration, hibernation, and dormancy of living things.

PBL: How can we use the characteristics of animals to create the best habitat to help them survive?

This and that...

Next Tuesday and Wednesday is our Math benchmark- please sleep and eat well!

We are starting our next PBL about Zoo habitats. I will need shoe box donations. Each student will need to bring in one box. If you have any extra boxes, please send in extras. Yeah! Good excuse to go shoe shopping!


April 28th K-2 Assembly

May 1st- book order due- great chance to get summer reading books.

May 19th Full School Assembly

May 29th Memorial Day- No School

I will be looking at reading levels soon, please keep our kids reading!

Tomorrow is an assembly- Please have kids drop off their backpack on the porch.

Have a good weekend!