Analyzing Abstract Concepts

By Grace Cummins and Bri Chapman


  • Denotation- an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason
  • Connotation- ignorance, biased
  • Association- racism, segregation, discrimination

What does this concept mean to you?

People don't know how to handle the differences they see. They judge without knowing the facts. They would rather stick to their own opinion then try to open there eyes and see things from a different point of view.

The Shadow of the Wind concept

Bea is interested in math and science but because she is female her dad disapproves. He believes women are not capable of learning math and science so he makes her focus more on English

In society?

Our society is prejudice against women, race, religion, and sexuality. For example, women don't get jobs just for the fact that supervisors think they won't be able to do the job right.

A picture embodying "Prejudice"

This picture shows a Muslim girl in a typical United States high school. The white student are prejudice against the Muslim girl. They are biased towards here because of the way she dresses, her religion, or stereotype of her people. They choose to believe that because she is different she is bad and harmful. Except in reality she is probably harmless and just a innocent teenage girl.


Denotation- a strong desire to know or learn something

Connotation- observing, mystery, surroundings, investigating

Association- FBI agent, school, Curious George

What does this concept mean to you?

Curiosity means stepping out of your comfort zone to learn more about something. You explore, learn, and test things.

The Shadow of the Wind concept?

Daniel is curious about the life of Julian Carax. Throughout the books he meets people who help put the pieces together about Carax. Daniel digs and digs until finally the answer is revealed to him

In society?

In society there are scientists. Scientists are our investigators of the world because have such great levels of curiosity. Curiosity is also seen in babies because they are so knew to everything they're curious and just want to explore

A picture embodying "Curiosity"

The children in the picture are all looking at this one book because they are interested in learning about it. They're curious about what it has in store for them


Denotation- The fact of being who or what a person or thing is

Connotation- True colors, personality, characteristics

Association- Fingerprints, masked balls, stories

What does this concept mean to you?

Identity to me is who you are, physically and emotionally, inside and out. Identity is your characteristics and what makes you, you.

The Shadow of the Wind concept?

Carax struggles with identity obviously because he pretends to be someone he's not. Daniel also has an internal conflict with his identity because he wants to be so much like Carax instead of his truself

In society?

You see identity everyday as you walk through your daily routines. You see the identity in the people you are friends with because you know their personality. You can also see the identity in people you have never met before just by watching their actions.

A picture embodying "Identity"

This picture shows how people have a physical identity which is on the outside. They also have one on the inside such as this lady. Her's could be secretive or shyness