Middle School Monday Memo

November 20, 2017

Great things going on in the middle school.......

  • Melanie Hathaway is using a quick write exit ticket strategy to have her students write about the lesson, what they learned, and get a quick idea of grammar skills. Great way to end the lesson and get some easy formative data to use!!
  • Rebecca Bartuska has developed some great career development activities to use in her homeroom with her students to inspire their thinking and help them to begin to reflect upon their future academic and career goals! Way to go!!
  • Jared Iampietro is working to set up a webinar for students to see a live Arctic Wolves. This is an awesome opportunity for students!

What is happening in the middle school ....

  • Parent/Student/Teacher conferences are occurring November 20 & November 21 all day while students are asynchronous. On November 22, conferences will be in the AM until 11:30 AM. Again, students will be working asynchronously.
  • There will be an all school meeting at 11:30 AM on November 22 for 30 minutes.
  • The Thanksgiving break will start the afternoon of 11/22 until 11/27. Teachers and students will return on 11/28 for class.
  • Bridget has a principal meeting on 11/29 and all leadership staff has their monthly leadership meeting on 11/30 all day.

Observations and Evaluations

Teachers who will be receiving an observation will be contacted by their direct supervisor to set up the first observation using PA-etep system. We used this system last year for evaluations and currently for walk-through information. The observation will be set up using this system and all communication will be through PA-etep. The observation/evaluation is not any different than previous years as the rubric remains the same other than it is in the system to view.

The observations will take place November, December and January. If you are not sure if you are receiving an observation please contact your direct supervisor as well as with any questions.


We will also be using this system for the Differentiated Process Evaluation as well. If you indicated you will be completing a project we will be sending you an email to verify you are still doing an project. We will meet with project teachers to review the process and project time at the end of the day on Tuesday. If you are not able to attend we will record the session for you to view.

Goodbyes and Welcomes

We want to wish a fond farewell to Tyler Elvey and Jamie Maksin as they leave Agora Middle School to continue their educational career in traditional brick and mortar schools! Best of luck!! We will miss you!

We would like to welcome Ray Kieffer to the Agora Middle School. He will be taking over Jamie's classes and will be teaching 8th grade math.

We would also like to welcome Shawn Walk who will be teaching 6th grade Science as Barb Harvey moves to 7th grade math to replace Tyler teaching 7th grade math Teaching math has been a passion of Barb's and this is a wonderful opportunity for her to use her talents to teach math! Welcome and best of luck to each of you!! We are glad to have you on board!

College and Career information for students in December 2017

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