Center Parcs het Meerdal!

Horst America.

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About us!

Centerparcs het Meerdal is a holiday park located in the beautiful Provence of Limburg in the South of the Netherlands.

Meerdal has over 700 cottages available for parties of 2 pers to a maximum of 8 pers.

It centre building contains several restaurants, a supermarket, a giftshop, reception and entertainment for everyone.

There's also a waterbike rental. Or you can rent a bycicle to visit the nearby village of America.

Surrounded by forests, Centerparcs het Meerdal also offers the possibility for guests to take a long walk in the Woods.

Food and drinks


An all you can eat restaurant. It buffet offers a variety of salades, starters, meat, fish and even pancakes and ice cream.

Grand Café

Sit down, relax and enjoy your drink and live music every Saturday night. The Grand Café also offers the upportunity to enjoy a lunch or a just a snack, such as Dutch Bitterballen or Nacho's served with melted Cheddarcheese.

The Grill Restaurant

Do you want to enjoy a nice grilled steak or salmon? This is the place to be. Even if you just want a nice beefburger or any other fish.

Pizza & Pasta

The place where you can get a nice pizza or pasta. Pizza & Pasta also offers small portions for the kids.


Here you can enjoy chips and large variety of snacks. The Snackcorner also offers several menu combined with drinks and a sauce of your choice.


Do you want a 4-course meal for free and a complimentary bottle of wine*?

and for the kids a special dessert with a small surprise?

Come back with your receipt and get all of this for the price of a 3 course meal.

*No alcohol under 18.