Help For My Football Friends

In the spirit of brother-hood

Hey Guys,

Our football league was founded on the idea of fellowship and helping each other out. In the spirit of brotherhood I set up a space here to make it crazy easy to get something for your wife or girlfriend this Christmas. I know how hard it is to find something she likes, let alone get it before Dec. 24th, so I got your back!

Based on what I've seen from my own wife and her friends they really love this stuff so anything should be a great gift. If you are not comfortable buying this kind of stuff for them, feel free to send them the link and have them pick it out for you (I know this is what I always have to do).

All the orders will be shipped to your door, but if you want to surprise her, you are more than welcome to ship it to my house and I'll get it to you.

My address is

203 Fairhill Way

Howell, MI 48843

If you have any questions just shoot me an email:

See you next Football Season,

Dustin Bosscher

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