The Earth

Earth: The Planet of Water and Oxygen!

A Little About Earth

The Earth was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. It was formed by collisions in the giant cloud of material; this was also when our sun formed. Earth has 4 layers, (from inner to outer) inner core, outer core, mantle and then the crust.

When are travelling to Earth, there are many things you will see when approaching. Right off the bat, you will probably see a lot of the color blue. These are our oceans; we have 7 oceans and they cover over 70% of the Earth's surface. Earth's radius is almost 4,000 miles, which makes the diameter almost 8,000 miles. Earth just has 1 moon, so when you come you will only see one, we call it "The Moon". Another unique thing about Earth is that we have a gas called oxygen here. Oxygen is a necessity of life here on Earth for us humans.


I'm sure you have heard of all the crazy things that happen here: revolution, rotation, seasons, our energy, light years, shape and gravity. Rotation is one full day (day and night), whereas revolution is one full year (365.25 days). Seasons are a little more complicated. We have seasons because Earth is titled on its axis. Summer is the hot season, winter the cold, fall is when it starts to get cooler and spring is when it gets warmer. Our energy here on Earth comes from the nuclear fusion from the sun. One light year is the distance that light can travel in one year. Light travels incredibly fast, so it can travel almost 6 trillion miles in one year. I'm sure you are wondering why Earth and all objects in our solar system are round or spherical. Earth is round because it have enough gravity to pull itself into a spherical shape. Gravity is another thing we have on Earth that you don't have on your home planet. Gravity is the reason our solar system even formed; it is force that pulls objects toward any physical body with mass.

Suggested Activities

When get to Earth, there are many things to do here. Since most landing sites are in America, I will go over activities to do in the USA. You can go see a movie, go shopping, play outside or even just relax! The temperature varies a lot around the world, so in some places you will need heavy coats and in some places you will just shorts and a T-shirt. For most of the day around the world you may need sunglasses.

Interesting Facts About Earth

Here are some interesting things to know about Earth:

  • Earth is the largest terrestrial planet
  • Over 70% of Earth is covered in water
  • Earth is mostly made of iron, oxygen and silicone

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