What's Happening in D121?

Busy Busy Pirates!

Today Wednesday Folders come home....there is a lot included! Please be sure to look through the grades and sign the top graded sheet. Also, you will find the Progress Report, Field Trip Lunch Form, Residence Form and Survey please look over these, complete them and sign them.

A quick run through of learning:

Science-We have begun Cells and Ecosystems. Quiz Next Tuesday (9/18)

Math-We are continuing to work with comparing decimals. Little quizzes along the way and a Test in the future.

Language Arts- We are underway with reading groups and official Word Study starts next week. We will have a Word Study test each Friday. In writing we are brainstorming and adding to our Writing Suitcase. The Fire Essay that students may finish at home is due Friday Morning!

Social Studies- We are still working through Reconstruction and all of the plans to help our The Union rebuild. Quiz Next Thursday(9/20)

Watch the kids LEARN!!!!!!!!!

Growing up can be "different!"

Last Friday our class had a discussion about how we getting sweaty and smelly usually after PE and Recess. We discussed that usually around 4th-6th grade it becomes time to starting wearing deodorant. I am so thankful that I have VERY active students but unfortunately this can lead to a smelly room in the afternoon. If your child would like to keep deodorant in his/her cubbie that is perfectly fine and they may reapply after recess.

Talk with your Child!!!

Speak with your child about being on their best behavior when they go out in pubic for a field trip. Remind your child that when they go out on the school bus they represent themselves, their teacher, parents and school.

Please make sure your child gets a night's sleep. On Monday I had several sleepy student who struggled to focus!