Cattle of the Sun God

by the Shiny Acorns


When Odysseus and his remaining men landed on the island of Thrinacia there was the cattle of the sun god. With no food, damaged ships, they were starved. After Odysseus telling his men that they cannot eat the cows or they will feel the wrath of the sun god, Helios. This advice was told to him by Circe before he went on his journey to see Scylla and Charibdus.
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The "Betrayal"

Betrayal is an exaggerated word for what happened between Ulysses and his men while on the island of Thrinacia. Eurylochus, one of Ulysses' men convinced the other starving men to eat a cow behind Ulysses' back. Although they were warned not to eat one of the Sun God's, or they would be punished. Ulysses felt betrayed by his men for not listening to him, and disobeying orders.


When the sun god, Helios herd of the murder of one of his cattle, he was furious! He puts his pride and joy into herding his cattle, and they were told not to eat or kill any cows. Helios seeked revenge, and asked for help from Zeus. Zeus herd his cry for help, and decided to shoot the ship with multiple lightning bolts when they left the island of Thrinacia. Zeus killed all of Ulysses' men. And Ulysses was the only man left standing.

To be continued...

Ulysses' adventure doesn't end after the loss of his men. He finds some piece of the ship that was destroyed, He still tries to get home to Ithaca. With many more adventure to come.