The Electric Car

What Is ECORV?

ECORV stands for: Electric Cars Of The Roanoke Valley.They are trying to build an electric car. They live in Northampton, North Carolina. This group was started by Eric Ryan and Harold Miller from Northampton High School-East.

What Is An Electric Car?

An electric car is a car that is battery powered. It is also better for the environment, because it doesn't pump out harmful gases that will pollute the air. The electric car still has a motor but if your battery runs out then the motor will too. In most car parks they have electric car charging stations. You need this because you won't be able to fill you car with gas.

Here Are Some Electric Cars

Our Mission

ECORV is trying to build an electric car. They have entered a competition and hope to win it. Harold Miller, Eric Ryan and the ECORV team put lots of work into the electric car. Mr.Ryan and Mr.Miller are very enthusiastic about this project and hope it will go well


Want to be a part of the ECORV team? Well simply contact us!