Room 9

Holiday News, Dates, and Times

Santa/Elf/Mensch Letters to Your Child-Cancelled

I would like to apologize if you are working on your letter to your child for our class activity. If it's not too late, I would like to cancel my request for you to write to your child. It's a crazy time and that was a lot for me to ask of you.

If you have already written it, maybe you can play at home and have fun with it.

Book Exchange- Wrapped Book due by Friday, December 11

We are going to have a real Christmas tree in our room. The kids are excited about it and I am looking forward to decorating it and having the kids make ornaments for it and to treasure our holiday fun.

To take it one step further, I would like to have a book exchange. Please wrap an inexpensive book to place under our tree. If you can, keep the price around $5 (paperbacks are less expensive). It does not need to be holiday specific-- the genre is your choice. Enjoy!

Our 1st Class Auction- Item/items due by Wednesday, December 9

Our first class auction will be Friday, December 11. It is a fun time for the kids to learn about how an auction works, spending a certain planned amount for a favorite item, and to reap the rewards of homework responsibility, cooperative behavior, outstanding kindness, and being a good kid. Many kids have earned over $1,000 dollars and are ready to spend it. (Each child has their own Saving's booklet where their money is logged for all good deeds and responsibilities).

In order for the auction to be a complete success, I need your help. Send one or more items with your child to class by Wednesday, December 9. Items can be anything from clothes, shoes, clothes, games, toys, etc. that your child/family is all done with. I told the kids that they need to get your permission before bringing it to class. The more treasures, the merrier!

Gingerbread Houses and Cartons- Cartons due by Friday, December 11

Our annual Gingerbread House event is Thursday, December 17th from 1:15-2:38. The kids will invite you to sit with them to create a festive house adorned with plenty of colorful treats and candies. It is one of my favorite days of the year. The kids are beyond excited... parents are working with their kids, and everyone is sharing their love of creativity and sharing. Lots of good memories come from this one day. ( I still hear the fondness of it from my past students).

Please send in one or more rinsed, half gallon cartons (the juice and milk kind). Your child will use just one, however, it's nice to have extra for little siblings who would like to join us. Please keep this special time for your child and only little ones who need to be with you, not siblings at our school. Thank you for your compliance and understanding, for this is a time for you and your child to have an hour together.