NASA Mission - NASA Vikings

By - Sarah Allen S3Ra

Post - 1900

About NASA Mission - NASA Vikings

In 1976 NASA sent Viking 1 and 2 (space robes) into space to see whether there is any sign of life on Mars. They space robes carried three experiments with them.
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Dates Of Discoveries -

This mission (NASA Viking) started in 1976.

Viking One landed on Mars thirty-two years ago on July 20.

Viking Two also landed on Mars thirty-two years ago but on September 3.

Viking One completed its journey on July 25, 1978.

Viking Two completed its journey on August 7, 1980.

Discoveries Made -

They discovered no clear evidence of life on Mars. They tested the soil and found the extreme dryness of the soil and the oxidizing way of the soil prevent any living organisms of life.

Technology Used At Time -

In this mission the main piece of technology used was the space robes. They also used computers, general knowledge and many other ways.

What Contribution To Our Understanding Of The Solar System Did This Make -

This made us realize that you do have actual standards to live in and that Mars isn't possible to live in because of it's conditions.