Weekly Launch

January 15-19


Please remember to dress professionally for your training on Monday. You will return to campus after your training. Lunch will be from 11:00-12:15 and you will meet with your teams from 12:30-3:30.

Good luck Emily Matthew in the Houston Marathon this weekend!

Please be sure to keep up with adding interventions into the RTI portion of Skyward! Please let us know if you need support with this!

We need to be closely monitoring recess. Please be moving around the playground and keeping a close eye on the kids.

Benchmarks are quickly approaching. Be thinking about accommodations for your students and make sure that they are using them regularly in the classroom.

2-5th grade-please be sure to add one grade a week into your gradebook for each subject.

Important Dates

January 15-Inservice

January 16-Reading CBA-4th

PBIS team meeting


January 17-Science CBA-5th

Lit 1 K-1



January 18-Wear character shirt

Science CBA 3rd/4th


January 19-4th grade Alpha

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Commitment

Word of the Month-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Bartley

Excerpt from NSOC application:

Many effective processes that were scaffolded by adults have evolved so that responsibility has shifted to the student. Character education is visible throughout NPE. We begin our year with a Character Cruise that has advanced into students teaching students by role-playing, video segments, and modeling. Booster sessions will be held throughout the year to reinforce those expectations shared during the character cruise. Our counselor lessons have increased in time and frequency, in addition to incorporating character notebooks to document each student’s character journey and reflection from year to year. Our character notebooks give students a place to create and take ownership of their learning. We are in year two of using character notebooks and students have been going back to the previous year’s work to look at how their understanding of the CVs has expanded from last year to this year. Through character lessons with the counselor, students examine the core values through different lenses such as how CVs apply to personal care, career exploration, and internet safety.


Lacey Turrentine-This person needs a compliment because she is willing to be a great reward for my challenging student. Mallory Davis

Pamela Baggett-This person needs a compliment because she shares new ideas daily! Pamela goes out of her way to be extra helpful and always has a smile! She's a great teacher, teammate and cook! We all have better days because of her! Sandy Varner

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Shout Out

A big shout out for all the positive vibes in the building! I love seeing the smiles on everyone's faces. Let's keep smiling all semester.

A big shout out to everyone for being so welcoming to our new students! We are up to 12 at last count!

Word of the Week-convey

Perfect Attendance

Woo Hoo! These teachers have perfect attendance!

Julie Debaylo

Jessica Delacruz

Michele Radler

Jessie Ting

Please let me know if you were left off this list and haven't missed a day!