Nuclear Fission

When the Fiction Became Reality

Who are we?

At The National Nuclear Institute (NNI), we have strives to create the safest and most commercial use for nuclear power in our day and age. Until recently, most people know the nuclear power plants that break atoms apart, but we have developed something much safer and efficient. Being a research facility based with the government, of course innovation and progress are our top priority. So with this mentality we have made nuclear fission a reality! Success on a grand scale!

What did we do?

Its Really Simple actually...we made the energy of the future much easier to acquire.

In the 'dark ages' so to speak, launching neutrons at our large atoms, and having them break apart to produce energy was the way it was done. That, however, had its issues. It was hard to collect the uranium and plutonium needed to fuel the stations. And then, once we did we made unstable waste that had to be carefully disposed of.

What is Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Fusion is the process of launching atoms towards each other at incredible velocities. This allows the atoms to merge together, and to release a huge amount of energy. And with this we can use harmless elements (like helium) and merge them together to form other small atoms that wont decay. In order to do this however, you need incredible heat and pressure. This is the root of the issue, because to heave heat and pressure means you have the physical tendency to expand and to decrease heat and pressure. And up until now we haven't had the material to contain atoms at the heat and pressure needed to make the way to fusion. But now, with patented technology, we can make it a possibility.

The Bad Side

There are still some things we need to consider however when dealing with collisions on the atomic level. This process does produce enormous amounts of energy, so being able to control it and avoid a meltdown is still vital for safety. Also, properly disposing of any metal atoms that come out of fusion is a must.

The Impact of this discovery

The ability to use nuclear fusion as an alternate energy source will simply be a game changer. Pleasing those that want to care for people and the planet, using fusion will become very popular, and with a easy and flexible input, there will be no issues turning a profit for energy titans and to keep costs low for consumers. We expect the costs for electric power in the US will go down at least a few cents per kWh in the next few years, making life very easy for many Americans, very low compared to the 33 cents that is payed on average