Easy Things to Do Now In August

to push the needle forward for fall...

Hi 1st Impressions Team!

I hope you all are enjoying these dog days of summer! We certainly deserve them.

While you should fully maximize this fabulous time of year relaxing, hanging with friends, & family, and doing what you love, there are a few simple things you can do to be in a good spot with your biz when you come back to reality in a few weeks.

1. Continue to post selfies on social media or use the images from MIMI

You can do this while lying at the beach!

This is a great reminder to your contacts that you are THEIR source for style when they're ready :)

Love this and all the ones Annemarie Pease posts! So many of you are sharing the #sdjoy this way which is a fantastic way to keep you front of mind with your peeps.

2. Think of your fall goals. Pick a BHAG and some small ones.

When we have goals, we work towards them. If we don't have goals, life gets in the way of our focus and we don't accomplish much.

Take 15 mins. once this month without your phone, a book, tv, or any distraction. Give yourself the gift of letting your mind be open to what's possible and what would bring you great joy this coming season.

Q4 is the biggest money-making season of the year for most of us so NOW is the time to gear ourselves up for a positive, productive mind-frame, and action plan to prosper in the coming months.

3. Take a morning, aft. or evening and send out new lookbooks to prospects.

Write a personal note on a sticky and tell them you'll check in with them at the end of the month to see what they think.

Then, you're in good standing for an easy follow up call to book, sell & sponsor!

4. Mark your calendar for the US Home Office Webinar on Wednesday, September 5th! (International Team, please check your lounge for your dates)

Exciting new announcements will be coming!

It would be great for our teammates to meet up and watch with each other that night so then you can all strategize, share tips, and be motivated by each other for ACTION!

5. Look to see if the Home Office will be touring near you this fall!

If so, for sure mark your calendars and go--better yet, go with a new teammate that you'll sponsor this month by sharing our special!

NEW ENGLAND: We will be holding a MINI Bootcamp on Saturday, Sept. 22nd since the others are farther away.

DETAILS TO COME BUT SAVE THE DATE! Anyone who wants to fly in, join us and we'll find you a place to stay (I'm happy to have as many as can fit!)

Big picture

6. Frontload your September by talking about it to others while you enjoy your summer.

Early Sept: Book with those who aren't affected by the school schedule (empty-nesters, women in their 20s, those who don't have kids, office pop ups, vendor pop ups etc.

Mid Sept: Bring on the Jewels, its back to School! (great gatherings with moms from your kids' classes--nice way to meet each other). Fun for people to reconnect after the dust has settled and everyone can share what they did over the summer.

End of Sept: Focus on everyone as the weather will start to get cooler and they'll be ready for a new wardrobe switchover.

7. When Opportunity Knocks, Let Your Girlfriends IN!

Share our great special with any and all. Those who sponsor, make more money AND they sponsor by talking to a LOT of people :)

NOTE: I'll be having my elbow surgery tomorrow (Mon., 8/20)

So I'll be back at it later in the week. For the next few weeks I'll be communicating via Facebook Lives on our 1st Impressions Team Page and by phone as I won't be able to type much.

Please be sure to tune into our 1st Impressions team pages or your direct team pages if you have questions, want to share ideas, and/or would like to connect.

US: facebook.com/groups/1stImpressionsTeam/

UK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UK1stImpressionsTeam/

FR: https://www.facebook.com/groups/529809133819768/

Make it a great week!



Founding Executive Director