1st Grade Newsletter

December 8 - 12, 2014


Reading--making and confirming predictions

Writing--descriptive writing

Math--addition and subtraction to 20 using the strategy of fact families, word problems

Social Studies--holidays around the world

Spelling Words--Test on Dec. 12th

1. like

2. spike

3. ride

4. hide

5. bike

6. mine

7. twice

8. shine

9. how

10. there


11. holiday

12. family

Application Spelling Test will begin Dec. 12th

As a grade level we noticed that students are able to memorize the spelling words for that week’s test, but then are not able to apply their spelling when they are writing using the same words. We will continue to assign 10 new words each week plus the 2 challenge words, but the test on Friday will be on all the spelling words we have learned for the year. Our hope is that students will begin learning the phonetic patterns of these words, instead of just the word in isolation. There will still only be 10 words on each test (5 review and 5 new), and the two new challenge words (the challenge words from previous weeks will not be included).

We will include an attachment called "Application Spelling List" with our Newsletter email on Fridays. Your child does not need to practice every word on the list, it is merely a reference for you to help your child review previously learned spelling words. As always, if you have any questions, please ask your child's teacher.

Upcoming Events

Dec. 8th - 12th--Book Fair at Ridgeview, downstairs library

Dec. 19th--Holiday Parties in your child's classroom at 2:00

Dec. 22nd - Jan. 2nd--Winter Break, no school

Monday, Jan. 5th--No school for students, teachers return to work

Tuesday, Jan. 6th--Students return to school

Thursday, Jan. 15th--McDonald's Spirit Night

Monday, Jan. 19th--No school, MLK Day

Friday, Jan. 23rd--Early Release at Noon, end of 3rd Six Weeks

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. King, Mrs. Stanford, Ms. Sanderson, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Wright, Ms. Cook, Mrs. Dossey (left to right)

Conference time: 12:50 - 1:45