Old Kingdom Daily News

By: Cameron Honig, Emmanuele Greenberg, and Jade Volper


Welcome to our first issue of Old Kingdom Daily News. This is a weekly paper and anyone can read this. We will talk about the hot topics about our town. Everything that you need to know like fundrasiers, monuments, and much more.

Money needed for new monuments!

We have stared to build the new pyramids and we need more money. We are selling animals and farming tools to raise money for more supplies. We are selling cows, sheep, seeds, plows, and much more. If you are instersted in buying please come to the construction site, Giza. The prices depend on the item and size. We hope to see you there!

Workers Needed Now

Along with raising money for the monuments we also need workers to help. This job take minimu skill and pays a desent amount of money, but it is a full time job with provided food and water. We really need more workers to get this job done. We need at least 200 more workers just to start. Of insterseted come to the construction site. You also can say to your family that you worked for Khufu.
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Benefits of animals

Getting an animal to work for you is like getting another human right beside you. There are many benifits to having a cow or sheep. They will provide milk, wool, and sometime companinship. Animals can do a lot of thing for you, if will mostly help you on the farm and providing food for you family. Come get an animal now and you life will change forever.
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The Latest Trend

Now in todays world we have been getting into fashion.

Currently the latest trends are linen and wool. For the high class people they are really into wearing robes, necklaces and bracelets. Some of the commoners are starting to wear the style, sheath dresses.Khufu wears slippers on his feet that are decorated with fine feathers, and gold detailing. This is your ultimate guide to the newest and coolest trends.

Interview with our very own prince, Khafra

Hello Prince Khafra, how are you today?

I am FANTASTIC!I am so happy with myself because eventually I will take the throne. Not that I don't love my dad, it is just that I am excited to be the next Pharaoh.

Do you have any new ideas for Egypt?

Yes, I think we should have a better trade system because we try to trade with our enemies, and then they usually try to start a war with us after we try to make a deal with them.

What most excites you about being next in line for Pharaoh?

I am most excited to be next in line for Pharaoh because then I get to control Egypt and make all the GREAT decisions for all of my people. I know how this place runs because my dad is the pharaoh and I live in the palace with him.

Have you thought of any good ideas for your tomb?

The only two things that I know is that I want a pyramid to remember me… duh because that is the latest burial style. I also came up with this idea that i will have a statue that has my face on it but I am not sure what I want it’s body to look like. I think it will protect me so I can go to the afterlife.

What is your favorite part about being the prince of Egypt?

Of course my favorite part of being the prince is that I can declare something and someone will get me whatever I said. Also, I will get to become the new PHARAOH OF EGYPT!!! I am so excited.

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We're Falling for Fall

Calling all farmers… calling all farmers! We have been told by our priests that it is now that time of year to harvest! We’re falling for fall! This is when Tutaukimad’s Food Market has big sale as well as other small stores do too. This is a great time to open a business and start selling your goods. The Pharaoh is holding a tryout because he needs a new chef. If you have been practicing at home definitely come. Slaves of the people are allowed to be in it for you so that means you don't have to cook, but you get the money! If you win...

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Yesterday Narmer Today Khufu

We will very much miss our old Pharaoh. But now we have Khufu, Narmer did an amazing thing, he united Upper and Lower Egypt to create one big Egypt. We know that he will always be in our hearts and he will be deeply missed. Now we must respect our new Pharaoh.
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Interview with our Pharaoh, Khufu

What features do you want in you pyramid?

“I want a hallway that will lead to my tomb” “ I also want a part of it to go underground” “I really want a temple too” “ I want a lot of things but i just really want to be remembered in a special way”

what do you want in the pyramid?

“ I want my family, the gods, and of course me in it! I want gold and other riches too!

what do you want your tomb/pyramid made out of?

“ I want big blocks of basically mud” I’m really working on a way so the top of the pyramid could have a gold cap.”

“These blocks should come out big and bold so a human can just stand below it and see how big and special I am”

How do you feel about this pyramid?

“ I feel like it’s a great way of remembering me and that I was a god and the pharaoh of the old kingdom. I feel like this will be great, remembered, and huge because I was a big part of this ruling so it should represent that”

“ Overall it’s fantastic”

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Today in stores there are some new arrivals. Here are some of them: barley, emmer wheat, beans, lentils, onions, garlic, leeks, lettuce, cucumbers, grapes, figs, and dates. These foods are at Tutaukimad’s Food Market. On sale Today! Remember that this food is up to 10% off! We are starting to grow new crops so remember that it will be fresh next week, but it will be more expensive so use this 10% to your best ability!
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Come and watch the Royal Family Swim!

On November 4th at the west banks of the nile river there will be a race and that race includes the royal family, that’s right the god and his family! This race will indicate who’s the best swimmer, who knows maybe this will tell us that were allowed to swim in the nile! I definitely know that they got swimming lessons and if they could swim then maybe you could swim! We all obviously know that we can't afford lessons so come to the race and bet on who you think will win!
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