The theme, event or phenomenon you researched

Provide the link

Link readers to the historical event or phenomenon that lead you to research this theme/event/phenomenon. Use Napa Historical Society site or any other resource that represents your topic.

Intro Paragraph:

Provide a 3-5 sentence explanation of WHY you researched what you did. It's ok to make this part personal.

2 Body Paragraphs:

  • Provide background on the topic
  • Use and explain in context topic-specific vocabulary.
  • Use specific examples from research you conducted.
  • Properly format quotations and or use citations to give credit to ideas that are not your own.

Audio/video/other file


Here you can use the + button to add a Youtube, other images, or audio files that help explain your topic.


Using Citation Machine or Noodlebib, correctly site ALL of your sources here.

Final Smore should include 6-15 sources.

These includes:

-Audio sources

-Text sources

-Print sources

-Video sources

-Image sources

About your group

Tell a bit about yourself/selves. Do not use your pictures. Use avatars or drawings.

Do not use specific addresses, facebook profiles or phone numbers. Keep it safe.