Arthur Cayley

by: Alora Hunt

Arthur's family?

Arthur's dad was, Henry Cayley. Arthur's mom was Maria Doughty. Arthur's siblings are Sophia Cayley, Willam Cayley, Caroline Cayley, and Charles Cayley.

What college did Arthur go to?

Universty of Cambridge

What did Arthur Invent?

Arthur didnt invent anything, but he was the best at math caclualations.

What is Arthur famous for?

He is most famous for developing the algebra of matrices.

Cool 3 facts about Arthur?

  • Cayley wrote extensively on physical astronomy, especially on the disturbing function in lunar and planetary theory
  • Cayley found geometrical analogy of great assistance in his algebraic and analytical work
  • During the fourteen years Cayley was at the bar he wrote something approaching 300 mathematical papers