Figurative Language

By: Claire Lamm


Definition: a comparison of two unlike things by saying that one thing is a dissimilar object or thing.

Example: Your smile lights up the world.

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Definition: Giving human like qualities to objects that are not human.

Example: The flame of the candle danced in the night.



Definition: A group of words whose collective meaning is quite different from their individual, literal meaning.

Example: Its raining cats and dogs.



Definition: An extreme exaggeration.

Example: My feet are filling me.



Definition: A sentence or phrase that starts with the same letter or sound.

Example: Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

Sally's Lands

One day Sally was in her bed thinking of what her day was going to be like tomorrow. While she was thinking she fell in a deep sleep. When she woke up she found herself in The Land of Lands. When she looked around each was made of something every kid loved or hated. Soon Sally started walking towards Basketball Land. She knew she would find some help there because she loved basketball.

Sally was in Basketball Land shooting around trying to think of an idea to get out. But then out of no were there was a voice. She looked around but there was nobody. Then she looked at her basketball and the basketball talked to her. Sally asked him the way to get out of her and he said," the only way out is to go to two lands you love and one you hate, one down two to go." Sally was super excited so she decided to go to the one she hated next, Cleaning Land.

While Sally was walking into Cleaning Land she found a lot of cleaning supplies so Sally grabbed the toilet brush and broom. Then out of no were she had tripped and fallen into a swirling toilet. The toilet smelled worse than a hotel bathroom after a chili eating contest. It made it hard for Sally to think. All of a sudden she remembered her broom and toilet brush and started scrubbing with all her might and made a hole in the toilet. Sally crawled through the hole and made it back to soiled ground. Sally knew that she conquered the worst land in the world. Since Sally conquered the worst land in the land she headed to smoothie land to celebrate with a large smoothie. When Sally came to the land she saw a beach. So Sally got a smoothie and sat by the seashore seeing sailboat on the sea.

Sally decided to speak her mind and said," I want to go home." She awoke from her dream and was glad to be back home. Her mom called from downstairs and said," Come downstairs for a smoothie and play basket ball with your brother. I finished cleaning the bathroom for you." Sally was never so excited to play with her brother and not to have to clean the bathroom. Wow what a crazy dream.