Shoulder Girdle

Anatomy & Physiology

Shoulder Anatomy Animated Tutorial


- Origin (Located at the back of the skull downwards C7)

- Insertion (Spine of scapula and lateral edge of clavicle)

- Joint Crossed (Shoulder girdle)

- Joint actions

Upper fibres elevate shoulder girdle

Middle fibres retract should girdle

Lower fibres depress shoulder girdle

Whole muscle upwardly rotates scapula

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- Origin (spinous processes of cervical C7 and thoracic vertebrae T1-T15)

- Insertion (Medial border of scapula and shoulder girdle)

- Joint Crossed (Shoulder Girdle)

- Joint actions

Retracts scapula

Downwardly rotates scapula

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Leavator Scapulae

- Origin (Transverse processes of cervical vertebrae C1 - C4)

- Insertion (Medial border of scapula)

-Joint Crossed (Shoulder girdle)

- Joint action

Origin fixed: elevates the scapula, assists in downwards rotation of scapula

Insertion fixed: laterally flexes the neck

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Serratus Anterior

- Origin (Front of ribs 1-8

- Insertion (Anterior surface of medial border of scapula)

- Joint Crossed (Shoulder Girdle)

- Joint action

Protracts the scapula

Upwardly rotates scapula

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Pectoralis Minor

- Origin (Front of ribs 3-5)

- Insertion (Coracoid process of scapula)

- Joint Crossed (Should girdle)

- Joint Action

Origin fixed: Protracts the scapula,

Downwardly rotates scapula

Insertion fixed: Elevates rib cage

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