Google Classroom

Recent Updates: Add Teacher(s) & Save Posts as Drafts

Add Additional Teachers to a Classroom

Google has flexed to allow Classroom to have multiple teachers. The additional teachers will have the same rights as the creating teacher, excepting deleting a class altogether.

Use when in a co-teaching situation or when a teacher may need colleague support for various reasons.

"Draft" Option for Assignments & Announcements

Now you have the ability to create ahead of time and disclose items when you wish. Through the drop-down menu, you have two options: "Post" or "Save draft."

This "Save draft" feature also allows any co-teacher to look at and edit posts prior to publishing!

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Additional Changes

Straight from Google Apps Updates

  • Autosaving grades - Grades will now be autosaved as they’re entered, meaning teachers can grade assignments over multiple sessions but still return those assignments to students all at one time.
  • Improved notifications - Teachers and students will now receive email notifications when private messages are left on assignments. (This even works for our teacher non-Gmail accounts!)
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