Where The Heart Is

Billie Letts

Information On Billie Letts

Billie Letts, is a famous author/novelist that wrote the famous book that we are currently reading, "Where the heart Is."

Billie Letts earned a bachelor's degree in English and education from Southeast Missouri State University and a master's in behavioral studies from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Billie Letts, was a successful author because had the talent of using her words to impact readers. The book "Where The Heart Is was a New York Times Bestseller. Many people in that time period felt that her book was very relatable, and captivating. The book was even made into a movie in the year of 2000.

The reason why we admire this author is because created a story that is story our society today. In our world, there are many young girls who face the struggles that Novalee Nation did. There are many teen moms out there, who have had to raise their child alone just like Novalee did. When reading this book Billie really did portray the challenges Novalee had throughout her lifetime. We really felt that this book taught an important lesson, on how you should wait have kids.

    Born: May 30, 1938, Tulsa, OK

    Died: August 2, 2014, Tulsa, OK


  • Where the Heart Is (1995)
  • The Honk and Holler Opening Soon (1998)
  • Shoot the Moon (2004)
  • Made in the U.S.A. (2008)\