Jefferson November Newsletter

Milk & Cookies!

Come to the lobby on Wednesday, November 19th from 9-10pm to get some milk and fresh baked cookies! I will also have fliers to give out on ways to get involved in our community or at CNU since the theme this month is Civic Engagement. Come say hello and grab some cookies!

East Campus is Thankful for...

On Thursday, November 20th from 7-8pm, the Apartment RAs will be out on the President's lawn for our building wide program. We will have a whiteboard that says I am thankful for... and you will write something and take your photo with it. Photos will be posted to the East Campus facebook page and we will have snacks!


WiFi should be worked on/running better ASAP - some of you might have already had IT come through your room.

Work Orders

If something is broken, you think its broken, or the like, please put in a work order! If you don't know how, let me know and I will show you how!

Propping Doors

Doors have been being propped a lot lately and I just wanted to remind yall that that isn't safe and we want to be able to control who comes into our buildings :)


As always, feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, suggestions, or just to say hi!
My number is 703-203-6403. I am looking to schedule "Office Hours" next semester which will just be a few hours a week where I am definitely in my room in case anyone needs to talk to me!