Forever Loyal

Multigenre Project

Letter from Beowulf

Dear Wiglaf,

To begin, we would like to thank you for your loyalty toward Beowulf. We recently learned about your incredible service that you showed for our leader. Although it may seem as if we see Beowulf as the hero of our civilization, you have not been overlooked. We are very appreciative of you following Beowulf to fight the dragon. We are even more appreciative and respectful of the fact that you stayed to help Beowulf, especially because you were the only warrior that did so. Without your help, the dragon would not have been defeated. An example of your loyalty is when you delivered the treasure to Beowulf and also when you sprinkled water on him. Because of your loyalty, you deserved the gold necklace that Beowulf gave to you. We believe that this gift was given to you as a symbol of power being given to you. The sacrifices that you were willing to give for Beowulf are other examples of your loyalty.


In this part of my project, I wrote a letter to Wiglaf. Wiglaf is incredibly loyal to Beowulf. Although this story is based around Beowulf, I feel that Wiglaf is an essential part of this story. This portrays a theme that Wiglaf is showing his loyalty by supporting his leader. Not only is one the only to follow Beowulf to his fight, but he is the only one that does so.

Ballad from Beowulf

Yo guys, check it out.

Beowulf vs Grendel’s mom

All of the Geats were beginning to doubt

Beowulf proved that he was the bomb

50 years later

The dragon comes around

He is Beowulf’s main hater

And it’s about to go down

This battle did not go as well as the last

Although Wiglaf was there to help

The dragon decided to put Beowulf in the past

All of the Geats could hear Beowulf yelp

Beowulf is now dead

He was the hero for many

Upon the ground lays his head

In the end Wiglaf took over and earned recieved penny
Here is a ballad based off of a piece of art by rapper Aaron Carter. In this piece, I explain the loyalty that Beowulf has for his people. Beowulf fought valiantly for those he was loyal to. This portrays a theme of a leader of his people, Beowulf, fighting for his people and representing them to the best of his ability.
Lastly is a flyer explaining the loyalty, or lack of in the Canterbury tales. Unlike Beowulf, the characters were not loyal to each other in this story. In this story, the theme shows that often times humans are not loyal to each other because of greed and selfishness.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Over the past couple of months I having been reading and analyzing Story of Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales. I am glad that you are able to take part in this and also learn about these pieces of literature. While reading and creating this multigenre project, I have learned that authors present symbolism in many different ways. For example, in Beowulf, the author uses symbolism with Grendel’s head. Grendel’s head represents personal loss to Grendel’s mom. Something I did well in this project was my letter to Wiglaf. I think that this part of my project was successful because the letter was personal and connected to the story. Something that I do not feel as strongly about is my ballad. It was difficult to rhyme and use words that sounded well together. In the future, I would like to try creating a project that is a mixture of Beowulf and Canterbury Tales, not just one or the other. Thank you for visiting my blog!