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Honda the Power of Dreams Failure: The Secret to Success

My Challenge to You

When you think of Honda do you think of failure? Most people would say that Honda makes one of the most, if not the most, reliable engine in the world. The longevity of their cars are well known. Were things always this way for Honda? Take a few minutes to watch the above video to learn about how Honda has been a failure.

We have been talking about failure for the last two years. I am very passionate about failure because that is how I learn... from my failures, from my mistakes, from my challenges. I really like the statement from Danica Patrick about pushing the limits, being uncomfortable-- bump up against that feeling of frightened as much as we can, push that limit further...get comfortable there... and then push it again.

Failure occurs when you push the envelope... when you are trying new things... when you are going against what has always been done to see what the outcome will be.

You have that permission as a teacher at Oakwood. I want you to remember that I want you to do things differently. I want you to try different things with your students. I want you to think about how can I change this lesson or activity to reach my students differently. If things do not turn out the way you thought... what did you learn? What can you take away from that failure and apply differently the next go around?

How have you failed recently? What did you learn? If you have not failed recently are you really trying? Be willing to take the change. Step out there and see what happens. You just might surprise yourself!

Think. Achieve. Succeed.


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Week at a Glance

Monday: STAAR Test--5th Math; Jeans Allowed

Tuesday: STAAR Test-- 6th Math; Jeans Allowed; School Board Workshop & Meeting

Wednesday: STAAR Test-- 6th Reading; Jeans Allowed-- College Spirit Day; Intermediate School Design Meeting 2pm (Mann Attend)

Thursday: STAAR Test-- 5th Science; Jeans Allowed

Friday: Possible Fire Drill; Accelerated Instruction District Meeting; Happy Friday