Mark Johnson


My intrests, skills, values, and learning styles

Interests: Sports, Music, Video Games, School

Skills: Helping Others, Sports, School, Music

Values: Privacy, Religion, Security, Relationships, Pleasure, Academics, Music

Learning Styles: Musical and Math

Job Description

A Dermatologist takes care of the skin by performing surgeries or biopsies on the patient and by making the skin look more apealing to the eye.

My Career as a Dermatologist

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Work Schedule and Enviorment

The work schedule for a Dermatologist is about from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. depending on what comunity you live in.

The work enviorment is usually in a office or a surgery room. However, on some chairitable events, they may have to work outside.

Interesting Fact

An interisting fact about the skin is that it is the largest organ in the body. It is way larger than the small intestine. It has to be large to cover your whole body.


I would chose to goto Hendrix college because it is pretty close to home. It is located around Conway which is right outside of Little Rock. It is also the college most of my family and their friends went to. Then i would goto a Medical College to earn a Master's Degree and a Medical Degree.

Additional facts would be that it is $47,708 annualy

I also hope I can get a full ride scholorship.

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Why do we need to know ALL this information?

We need to know and consider all of these things to select a career. Chances are this could be your one and only career. You want to know all of the possible facts before you chose a job. You learn things you might've not have known before.