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February 17-21


Feb. 17-21 is CCISD Fit Week:


Tuesday; Feb. 18th: Schoolwide Exercises – Morning Announcements

Fresh Fruit Day - Bring a Fresh Fruit for Snack!

Wednesday, Feb. 19th: Schoolwide Exercises - Morning Announcements

Workout Wednesday - Morning Workout 7:30 – 8:00am

Thursday, Feb. 20th: Schoolwide Exercises – Morning Announcements

Fresh Veggie Day – Bring a Fresh Vegetable for Snack!

“Commit to Be Fit” Night 6:00-7:00pm

Friday, Feb. 21st: Schoolwide Exercises – Morning Announcements

Jump Rope for Heart

Monday's Professional Development Day

Don't forget to use your gift of time and come to work at 845 on Monday! We will be starting our rotations at 9:00. You may wear sweats and comfy clothes(especially if you are going to do drum fit! Please see below for the schedule!

Important Dates

Pledge Helpers-McCarty

Feb. 17- Campus PL Day

2 p.m. TELPAS Calibration in Computer Labs

Feb. 18-

5th grade-Curriculum study

3rd grade Math curriculum study

CIIC-3:30 pm

Watch DOG-Tye McCloskey Gonzales-PE


Day 4

Feb. 19

2nd grade Curriculum study

3rd grade Longhorn Field Trip


Jennifer Serrano on campus

Day 5

Feb. 20

Talley out all day

Family Fit Night

Watch DOG- Frank Valiulis Gonzales-Art

Set 2 Recalibration 3:30 in computer lab

Day 6

Feb. 21

PTA birthday celebration in lounge


Day 1

Watch Dog-Elijah Pandolph Jenkins/Nguyen-PE/PE

Calibration Monday 2/17 @ 2 p.m.--- Only bring your log in information!

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12 Week Student Challenge-Week 7

2:2:5 THAT CHILD! We are half-way there! Don’t give up! Have you noticed a difference in class with this child? Have you seen any improvement in their work ethic, attention, respect to you/others? This week is going to be a hard challenge…you can do it. It only takes two minutes for five days. That is ten minutes for the week. You ready? 2 people (just you and that child) for 2 minutes for 5 days to sit down to talk about…LIFE! You know their interests, hobbies, favorites (unless you skipped week 4-if so; go back and start over at week 4). You do not have to be in the classroom, try the lunch room or recess…watch the other students when you go to that child and kneel down to talk to them (JUST TWO MINUTES) and pat them on the back with a smile as you walk away. I bet your shoulders will be strong and you will be smiling…so will THAT CHILD’s. I would love to hear what you noticed during this time! DO IT for FIVE days straight! Find different times to check in with them!


We are so excited that one of our students has been selected as one of the top 6 finalists of this year’s “I LOVE CCISD” Kinder Art Contest and their art will be placed on notecards and sold at the upcoming CCEF fashion show. Savannah Robbins is the artist! Way to go Savannah and Mrs. Bass!

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Shout out to...

Heather Colston because she puts the class S'more out each week for our combined classes. i love having a creative and tech savvy partner in teaching!-Jennifer Ellisor

Samantha Morris-she had an idea to partner with a 4th grade teacher to create a "Math Buddies" program for her advanced learners. She has taken it on full force and has created two digital breakout boxes for her students to work together with 4th graders to take on the challenge of unlocking the box!-Christin Anderson

Maddie Hensarling-Maddie is always encouraging, willing to help and always positive. She always has a smile on her face no matter what! Thank you for always helping me with everything!-Chelsea Krakowiak

Jessica Stevens-She has jumped right into first grade full force with high expectations and has worked hard to begin meeting the needs of her students! She keeps a positive attitude and an open mind as we learn and grow together!-Christin Anderson

Character Corner

Word of the Month-Caring

Purposefull People words-Empathy

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