Wave Energy

Save with the Wave

What is wave energy?

Wave energy is the transport of power from wind waves into energy to do useful work.

How does it work?

Oscillating water columns are partially lowered into the water. These columns have openings that the waves can enter and exit through. The air in the columns is compressed and decompressed by the waves. This compression and decompression turn the turbines to produce clean, renewable energy.


Only 7.5 cents per Kilowatt-Hour! This is 5 cents more per Kilowatt-Hour than coal; however, the price of coal energy does not include the price of cleanup, healthcare, etc.

Why wave energy?

If energy from these waves is fully exploited, about 40% of the world's power demand could be supplied by this resource. That is the equivalent of 800 nuclear power plants.

Pros of Wave Energy

Reliable Energy

Cheap to Operate


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Of little use in South Dakota due to the fact that South Dakota is nowhere near an ocean.

Possible Side Effects

Tourists may find the wave power farms displeasing to the eye.

Wave power farms may or may not affect aquatic life.

Constructing is expensive.

Strong ocean storms and saltwater corrosion may damage devices.

Wave energy farms take up space, reducing sea usage.

Wave energy farms may make noise, may be drowned out by waves.

Expensive underwater maintenance required.