Monday News and Notes

March 9, 2015

This week at a glance!


  • DiBlasi/Moore Observation
  • Martell-Pre observation
  • Galway Scholars-Please walk your students to the enrichment room and check them in


  • K-12 Mandatory Faculty Presentation on Test Security- Any teacher using an aide to help proctor NYS assessments should invite the aide to attend training in the HS auditorium at 2:30
  • Nettleton-Pre Observation
  • Frisbie-Observation


  • Nettleton Observation
  • Martell Observation
  • Canell/Kalinkewicz Post Ob
  • Ormiston Post Ob


  • Admin Cabinet Meeting


  • Progress Reports Due

ELA Curriculum

I will be placing a packet in each staff members mailbox which identifies the ELA curriculum we will adopt for next year. The packet identifies:

Why: Consistency and to better prepare our students to master the CCSS

How: Resources/training to be provided (5/13 K-3 Webinar 11-2:30 5/14 4-6 Webinar 11-2:30 in LGI along with TBD summer curriculum and PD days prior to the end of the year)

When: Beginning 2015-16

Who: Grade level expecattions

What: Materials will be used to deliver the instruction

A special thank you to the reading committee for their professionalism and open discussion regarding current practices, what worked, what did not work and needs/wants for students/grade levels.

Academic Pep Rally

Plans are underway for a great pep rally. Thanks so much to those of you who have volunteered to go the extra mile and help support this program. We will be celebrating all students who earned high honor roll last year. In order to be named to the high honor wall of fame they would have needed to be on honor roll for all four quarters of last year. They will each be called up for recognition and a medal. We will also have wristbands that use the ACE's acronym (ACE the test) along with Dream it Believe it Achieve it! If you are currently not using the ACES acronym, please mention it before the pep rally so students are aware of what it is. We will be using it K-6 next year.