Biome Travel Brochure


Travel Info

To visit the Savanna biome, you'll go to Madagascar, Africa. In order to enjoy your stay, you'll need to keep these things in mind; To get there, you need to take a plane and the flight is about 48 hours. You'll take a plane from Atlanta directly to Madagascar.

Transportation in the country is a jeep or a safari for tourists. Shots to take before leaving are hepatitis A, typhoid, yellow fever, hepatitis B, rabies, measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), and tetanus-diphtheria to be safe from any harm during your trip.

Weather and Environment

In Madagascar, Africa, the weather is amazing. It is a wet/dry climate. That means it is a tropical climate and it's dry in the winter. Because of global warming, scientists worry about the plants and animals that live in this biome. Because of it's dry climate, there are only a few animals and plants in this biome. The organisms are all specialized to live in this specific biome and they need each other to keep a balance


In a savanna biome, you'll find a mutualistic relationship between bacteria and herbivores. Due to and herbivores difficulty to digest cellulose and grass contains a high amount, the herbivores get help from the bacteria and in return, the herbivores give shelter to the bacteria. You will also find a commensalistic relationship between a nurse plant and a young seedling. Large nurse plants provide protection for the young seedling growing under the leaves of a nurse plant, though the nurse plant does not benefit. A predator/prey relationship you'll find there is a lion and a zebra. Also, a secretary bird and insects.

Endangered Species

All animals deserve protection from all their predators. Some of course, more than others. For example,the black rhinocerous. People are over hunting the black rhinos. The World Wildlife Fund reported that between 1970 and 1992, the black rhino population fell by 92%. This specie is highly endangered.

Savanna Overall

Savanna is a grassland, so it is completely grass all over (duh). There, you'll find yourself so close to a lion, you will potentially go through a mild heart attack. As a tourist, a safari will take you to see all the wonders of the biome Savanna. Just don't disrupt the animals. They will disrupt you. :)